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Teaching is a dynamic field with regular innovations in pedagogy and technology, and this renders professional development as an ongoing, life-long process. Our Capacity Building Modules seek to provide rigorous personal and professional training to teachers in the most effective way possible. Our programs and workshops form an indispensable source of information, guidance and continuing education to facilitate achievement of excellence in teaching. It exposes educators to new avenues of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Every teacher must demonstrate core academic knowledge, pedagogical skills, along with professional teaching ability/aptitude. A comprehensive module provides targeted support, assistance, and professional growth opportunities based on teachers’ individual needs as well as the needs of their students and schools. The Capacity Building programs are both teacher and institution centric. The purpose includes the goal to create a community of professionals who are positively motivated and have an aspiration to bring a difference in education through classrooms across the world and polish hidden skills of teachers by providing them with a platform and necessary tools to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Our Programs and Modules are designed specially to improve the existing skill set of the educators and also to challenge them to think outside the box. They aim:


  • To provide the theoretical awareness of teaching- philosophical, sociological, psychological and economic foundation of education.
  • To develop skills and competencies for using teaching methods, techniques and teaching aids in the classroom.
  • To develop the abilities to deal with the problems of classroom teaching by using action research.
  • To develop the right type of attitudes and feelings for National Integration and International understanding.
  • To provide separate objectives of Teacher-Education for pre-primary, primary, school and college teachers.


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