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A reflective Teacher is one who examines their pedagogy, articulates reasons and strengths for their strategies, and identifies areas for revision and self - improvement.

Skills Gained: Our module guides the teacher through the process of reflection that helps them collect, record, and analyse everything that happened in the lesson and work on bettering their strategies for effective teaching.

Teachers and other school employees consistently report high levels of occupational stress. This in turn affects the teaching process adversely. A calm, and well relaxed teacher can not only be an effective educator, but is also able to connect to their students better.

Skills Gained: The workshop focuses on relaxation techniques for the teacher and provides tips for mind friendly learning.

A teacher is best known through their body language and the way they present themselves while teaching.

Skills Gained: This power-packed workshop includes a crash session on non-verbal communication. Such as facial expressions, gestures, and body movements.

The education today functions in multi directionally. It is important for the educators to adapt to it too. It is essential for teachers to maintain an assertive and a positive personality for their students to idealise. Our session will discuss ways to extend your areas of expertise. We’ll help teachers to identify fields that they could explore.

Skills Gained: Teachers will gain skills to effectively learn the 21st century skills required to keep up with the students of today. You will avail access to information about online courses and practical ways to develop a strong, assertive personality. Teachers will get to understand the intricacies of decision making in order to develop a mature personality.

Conducting a PTM involves a lot of work into knowing not only students but also their parents. Teachers need to have easy access to students’ performance and character in order to have a productive and encouraging conversation with the parents.

Skills Gained: Teachers will get to know about the importance of holding productive conversations with parents. They’ll learn about tips to talk to parents and convey an unbiased character and performance of the students.

Handling school students need more than monetary motivation. The session will brief about internal and external motivation. Internal motivation is the will to do something without any material incentives. While, external motivation is the will to do something due to a material incentive.

Skills Gained: The session will talk about the times when teachers feel like giving up or too exhausted. Teachers will learn to identify these times and deal with them. Our team will discuss the application of self-reward. It’ll avail you with different techniques to internally motivate yourself. For example, writing a letter for stressful times, reminder of what got you going in the first place, talking to a student that admires you.

The self-help stress management course deals with the strategies to cope with stress for teachers. It includes a guide to acknowledging stress, making connections and working smarter.

Skills Gained: Teachers will avail tips to practice emotional first aid. The module briefs about maintaining personal equilibrium and embracing stress. Teachers will receive first hand tricks to practice being productive under stress.

Our workshop discusses the processes through which children and adults manage, set and achieve goals. It provides tips to conduct oneself empathetically and additionally provide ways to integrate social emotional learning in the classroom using various strategic tools.

In light of the recent global pandemic that hit the world, Virtual Classrooms were the lifeboats for institutions. This workshop will help the teacher make virtual classrooms Impactful, build the catalogue for Resource Development and techniques of organisation in Virtual classrooms.

Leadership is a set of skills demonstrated by teachers who have an influence that extends beyond their own classroom .

Skills Gained: Our module on leadership will help the teachers to build effective leadership qualities like commitment to the students and educators, passion, collaboration with others, communication and rapport, embracing change.

Our workshop will walk the teachers through the intricacies of managing and governing their time.

Skills Gained: The outcomes of the program include mastering the skills of maintaining to-do lists, time tables, recording student progress, prioritising tasks and allocating them.

A system is a group of things that work together as a connected whole. It can have anything from bus schedules to freeways to even class time tables and teacher’s meets.

Skills Gained: Teachers will get to understand the intricacies to creating and abiding by systems.our workshops will have tips to identify systems and work on making them better and more suitable for students.


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