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A young educator enters the teaching profession with immense enthusiasm and an abundance of theoretical learning. However, more often than not, they find themselves overwhelmed with the classroom realities. Their understanding of the art and science of teaching is new and the fact that they lack experience may further exacerbate the situation. Often, this puts undue pressure on young teachers, which in turn may jeopardize performing academic duties par excellence.

In salvaging the situation, young educators may resort to a combination of complex techniques as an attempt to connect better with their students. The basis of this often lies in their own life-experiences and may turn out to be unsystematic or incomprehensive at times. These methods are often prone to miss the mark of a wholesome understanding of student psychology and pedagogy.

It is in this setting where Edudevs finds the core motive of its existence. At Edudevs, the primary objective is to facilitate the skill-based development of young educators to bridge the gap between pedagogical theory and its application in a real classroom environment. 


Our mission at Edudevs is to bridge the gap between pedagogical theory and its application in a real classroom environment. We are a one-stop-shop for all your educational requirements.

At Edudevs, we service both early stage as well as experienced educators in their continued professional development. We understand educator’s requirements to achieve the highest standards of teaching with our tailor-made programmes as per the need of different institutions. 

Our extensive product stream reflects the core principles of modern-day teaching and strive to stand by the mission statement of high-quality institutions. In addition to academic training, Edudevs also offers personal development for the well-being of teachers.

Get to know us​

Edudevs is an organization involved in the skill-based development of young educators to improve the learning ability of students.

Parallelly, we work closely with schools to identify their performance bottlenecks and provide solutions to fix the overall health of the schools. The team at Edudevs aims to carry out a complete assessment of educational institutes and provide them with evaluation and assessment frameworks for improving school outcomes. 

Lastly, Edudevs aims to empower educators by providing them with effective training methodologies, design a holistic curriculum (based on the guidelines of respective boards), and facilitate self-evaluation and overall development of institutions.

Our Team

Devyani Kapoor

Founder & Mentor

An educator, author, trainer, motivator and a personality consultant. Devyani Kapoor carries with her over 28 years of experience in the education sector and has worked with several organisations in the industry both in India and abroad.

Pankaj Kapoor


A philanthropist at heart, Mr. Pankaj Kapoor truly believes that habit building, self-discipline and taking ownership of your life is at the core of any personality and in turn the mantra for leading a successful as well as a peaceful life.

Dr Supriya Kapoor

Leader Strategy and Performance

Dr. Supriya Kapoor is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Business School, Trinity College Dublin. She earned her PhD in Economics from University College Dublin and is an acclaimed educator who has collaborated with institutions worldwide.

Vijayetha Agarwal

Head Academics - Research and Development

Vijayetha Agarwal, an educationist with more than 12+ years of experience, has inspired and motivated both students and teachers in her capacity as facilitator, head of the department and coordinator.

Dr Anuj Pratap Singh

Leader Research and Development

Dr. Anuj Singh is an Economist with the Central Bank of Ireland. He completed his PhD in Economics from Trinity College Dublin and specializes in household financial stability and resilience. He has held several positions in India and Abroad.

Shreya Kapoor

Legal Consultant

An OP Jindal aluminum, Shreya Kapoor specializes in Corporate Law and Intellectual Property. Her passion for law never fails to surprise the legal world. A person who lives on the mantra of going beyond the limits to explore oneself, she strives to succeed in her profession and inspire her surroundings.


Graphic Designer

A Bachelor in Fine Arts, Aishwarya is a dynamic personality. She is extremely creative, imaginative and likes to brainstorm ideas with her team. A perfectionist at heart who loves a challenge, she strives to grow and improve holistically.

Avni Bansal


A young, dynamic and ambitious teacher,Avni is a Masters in Economics and 2 times CTET qualifier. As a teacher she has an experience of more than 6 years.

Priya Dua

Web Developer & IT Specialist

An educator, author, trainer, motivator and a personality consultant. Devyani Kapoor carries with her over 28 years of experience in the education sector and has worked with several organisations in the industry both in India and abroad.


Digital Marketing Executive

I am passionate about Information Digital Marketing I am a driven focused and fast learning individual with a deep commitment to delivering high-quality Marketing Projects.


A Psychology graduate with a keen interest in Behavioral sciences, Rachita contributes her creative aptitude to the company. She also provides research support to the team.

Rachita Donti

Manager Content

Abhineet Srivastava is a dynamic and charismatic leader with excellent oratory skills and a diplomatic and optimistic approach. He is a Computer Engineer with specialisation in Data Analytics, has an experience of working with companies functioning in India and Abroad.

Abhineet Shrivastava

Businesss Strategist

Snigdha is aspiring to study Psychology. She is eager to learn and experience new things. A motivated and creative person, she has a knack for thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas.

Snigdha Khera

Media Outreach

Payal is also pursuing her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Manipal University Jaipur.

She has been instrumental in development and presentation of various products the company

Payal Mulani

Product Coordinator

Ayushi is a prospective Media Studies major with a passion for reading and writing. Skilled in coordination, curating heartening and relatable content is her forte. She is an integral team member who is unafraid to try new things and is dedicated to transforming the dynamics of the company.

Ayushi Ladha

Content Creator

With an ambition to pursue communication designing, Sarah is an artistic individual whose creative capability knows no bounds. She is an ingenious visionary who restlessly pushes herself in efforts to be the best.

Sarah Kurien

Social Media Strategist

Pursuing her honors in Political Science from BESC, Karishma Kumar has kept her interest intact in fields like public speaking, YPC and Content writing. She believes that the top of one mountain is the bottom of another so learning shouldn't stop!

Karishma Kumar

Content Creator

A dynamic individual, Arjun Jude Campbell is a marketing enthusiast and visionary professional. He is passionate about reviving a brand's digital presence and establishing its prominent footprint in the roots of the community. A skilled drummer, he is adept in devising ways to enliven his environment.

Arjun Jude Campbell

Business Development and Marketing

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