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Who is an Edu-Intern?

An EduIntern is a self-starter. In a fast-paced world, someone who is ready to take charge and finds joy and dedication in their work is a perfect match for this internship program. In an attempt to provide the best of opportunities at different work levels, the shortlisted intern list is an amalgamation of diverse age groups, interests, talents, and aspirations

Our vision

EduIntern is built with the vision to provide skill-based learning through tasks and working alongside a team of experts in several diverse fields. We believe in imparting skill through experience and thus aim to empower the youth with internship opportunities to practically apply their learnings and experiment with their interests.

Edu Internship 4.0

( For Class: 8 to 12 )

Duration: April – June

Curriculum : 3 days/week & 2 hr/day

Programs To Be Covered :

  • Certificate Program
  • Portfolio Building
  • Skill Building
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Master Class
  • Mentor Program
  • Community Outreach

** Registration @ 199/- **

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Previous Interns

A Psychology graduate with a keen interest in Behavioral sciences, Rachita contributes her creative aptitude to the company. She also provides research support to the team.

Rachita Donti

Content Manager

Abhineet Srivastava is a dynamic and charismatic leader with excellent oratory skills and a diplomatic and optimistic approach. He is a Computer Engineer with specialisation in Data Analytics, has an experience of working with companies functioning in India and Abroad.

Abhineet Shrivastava

Businesss Strategist

Snigdha is aspiring to study Psychology. She is eager to learn and experience new things. A motivated and creative person, she has a knack for thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas.

Snigdha Khera

Media Outreach

Payal is also pursuing her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Manipal University Jaipur.

She has been instrumental in development and presentation of various products the company

Payal Mulani

Product Coordinator

Ayushi is a prospective Media Studies major with a passion for reading and writing. Skilled in coordination, curating heartening and relatable content is her forte. She is an integral team member who is unafraid to try new things and is dedicated to transforming the dynamics of the company.

Ayushi Ladha

Content Creator

With an ambition to pursue communication designing, Sarah is an artistic individual whose creative capability knows no bounds. She is an ingenious visionary who restlessly pushes herself in efforts to be the best.

Sarah Kurien

Social Media Strategist

Pursuing her honors in Political Science from BESC, Karishma Kumar has kept her interest intact in fields like public speaking, YPC and Content writing. She believes that the top of one mountain is the bottom of another so learning shouldn't stop!

Karishma Kumar

Content Creator

A dynamic individual, Arjun Jude Campbell is a marketing enthusiast and visionary professional. He is passionate about reviving a brand's digital presence and establishing its prominent footprint in the roots of the community. A skilled drummer, he is adept in devising ways to enliven his environment.

Arjun Jude Campbell

Business Development and Marketing

Vrinda, a second year sociology student from Lady Shri Ram college, Delhi university loves to be a part of team as it gives her an opportunity to what she loves doing.

Vrinda Sharma

Research & Development

Paridhi Choudhary

Research & Development

Arav Gupta

Research & Marketing

Lavanya Jha

Marketing and Business Development

Gunjan Bothra

Marketing and Business Development

Pratishtha Singh

Marketing and Business Development

Mahi Gupta

Marketing and Business Development

Mehak Kumar

Graphic Designing

Nandini Puri

Graphic Designing

Paavni Singh

Content Writing

Yashi Mathur

Marketing and Business Development

jai Gambhir

Marketing and Business Development

Ritwika Tiwari

Marketing and Business Development

Zuha Jafri

Research & Development

Sitanshi Tewari

Research & Development

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