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Teacher Training an Imperative Requirement

The teacher is the most critical element that impacts student learning outcomes. They are the most essential component in education as the process of nation-building truly takes shape in the classrooms of the country.
However, over the years, teaching as a profession lost its glory and respect simply as people chose to enter because of comfort both in terms of time and deliverance. The respect for teaching as a profession needs to be restored so
that people make teaching their first choice and the best and brightest brains choose to enter the profession.

The quality of teacher education is globally contested and the concept of teacher training is immensely debated
upon in terms of its nature and content. Good teacher quality is seen as an essential ingredient to meet the
changing demands of the global knowledge economy. To attain this vision, we need to focus on building a positive
working environment in schools and hence empower the teachers to develop an inclusive culture in schools for
effective outcomes. Teachers need to be truly empowered to choose the pedagogical approaches they wish to
adopt in their classrooms for effective teaching.

Hence, ensuring teacher quality and subsequently imparting training on a regular basis is what will help us land our
goal. We all know how tough it is to significantly improve instructors’ performance all at once. According to most
studies, instructors only gain extra experience early in their careers. Gains in average teacher quality after five years
are unusually difficult to discern. Hence, providing them with a hand holding will benefit everyone later.

Teachers’ roles in reforming the ever-changing world are critical to improving sustainable education. Teachers are
no longer just facilitators of students’ learning; they are now responsible for training students in areas such as mind
expansion, critical thinking, creativity, and above all, mentoring them! This is what gives birth to the mind-blowing
the phenomenon of teacher training.

If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.

The responsibility of a teacher in the twenty-first century has changed substantially from that of a pedagogue to
that of a facilitator. Teaching in the twenty-first century is an entirely new phenomenon, made more so by the
transformation in the way we learn. Teacher training has been knocking at our doors for the longest time, and now is the time we open the gates and embrace it! The terms “continuous” and “comprehensive” applied to
the evaluation should now be adapted for regular training. To remain relevant, continuous, and comprehensive upskilling and reskilling has become inevitable in current times.


Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder & Director
Edudevs School of Inspired Teaching & Learning | Edudevs Knowledge Foundation

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