Mrs. Devyani Kapoor

Mentor || Leader || Academicaian || Ex-Principal

Mrs. Devyani Kapoor is an educator, an author, and a thought leader. She is the Founder and CEO of Edudevs- The School of Inspired Teaching and Learning.
An ex-Principal, she carries over 30 years of experience with her in education sector and has worked with key brands in the industry like D.A.V Schools, Amity Schools, Heritage School, Educomp Solutions,
K.N. Modi Foundation, Extramarks, Cambridge University Press, The Great Place to Study, and many others. She is credited with the introduction of a number of innovative pedagogical techniques for effective classroom management, quality circle time, lesson planning, experiential learning and student empowerment techniques. She is an author with Cambridge Publications, United Kingdom and is Press and has conducted over 100 Capacity Building Workshops for educators across the country. Her forte lies in empowering educators by helping them develop their own educational philosophy and become change-makers as she believes that there are no set recipes for becoming a 21st century
quintessential teacher. As a teacher, she has always believed in becoming a good mentor and guide to her students so that they learn the skills to adapt to any situation and be empowered to achieve their goals.

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