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a) Edudevs shall provide its customers (“User”) with an extensive set of courses for all persons who are interested in educational consultancy and teacher training of educational institutions (“Service”).

b) This is an agreement providing the terms and conditions between the User and Edudevs – School of Inspired Teaching & Learning (“Edudevs”) with respect to the terms under which Edudevs offers you its services that are made available through the website (“Website”). The Website consists of multiple pages all of which are prepared, handled and managed by Edudevs. All the services of the Website are offered to the User after the acceptance of these terms, conditions and notices contained in this document.

c) While using the Website, the User may have to do any or all of the following:
Enter Personal Details
• Click on multiple links
• Register and/or Enroll in an account with respect to availing of the Services.

d) This Agreement includes, and incorporates by this reference, the policies and guidelines referenced below. Edudevs encourages the User to review this Agreement whenever it visits the Website to make sure that it understands the terms and conditions governing use of the Website. This Agreement does not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other written agreement the User may have with Edudevs for the Services.

e) If the User does not agree to this Agreement (including any referenced policies or guidelines), the User may immediately terminate its use of the Website by exiting.



Edudevs reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the Services are offered through the Website, including but not limited to the charges for the Services provided through the Website. The User shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.



The User hereby consents, expresses and agrees that he has read and fully understands the Privacy Policy of Edudevs in respect of the Website, The User further consents that the terms and contents of such Privacy Policy are acceptable to him.



a) The User agrees and undertakes not to sell, trade or resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the Service. For the removal of doubt, it is clarified that the Website is not for commercial use but is specifically meant for personal use only.

b) The User further agrees and undertakes not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, videos, images, audios, products or services obtained from the Website. For the removal of doubt, it is clarified that unlimited or wholesale reproduction, copying of the content for commercial or non commercial purposes and unwarranted modification of data and information within the content of the Website is not permitted.



a) Edudevs has endeavored to ensure that all the information on the website is correct, but neither warrants nor makes any representations regarding the quality, accuracy or completeness of any data or information contained. Edudevs makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning the website and/or its contents and disclaims all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and warranties of merchantability in respect of services, including any liability, responsibility or any other claim, whatsoever, in respect of any loss, whether direct or consequential, to any user or any other person, arising out of or from the use of the information contained in the website.

b) In no event shall Edudevs be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages or any other damages resulting from: (a) the use or the inability to use the services; (b) any Services obtained or transactions entered into through the Website; (c) unauthorized access to or alteration of the user’s transmissions or data; (d) any other matter relating to the Services; including, without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in any way connected with the use or performance of the Website.

c) Edudevs shall not be held responsible for non-availability of the Website during periodic maintenance operations or any unplanned suspension of access to the Website that may occur due to technical reasons or for any reason beyond the control of Edudevs. The User understands and agrees that any material and/or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the Website is done entirely at its own discretion and risk and it will be solely responsible for any damage to their computer systems or loss of data that results from the download of such material and/or data.d) These limitations, disclaimer of warranties and exclusions apply without regard to whether the damages arise from (a) breach of contract, (b) breach of warranty, (c) negligence, or (d) any other cause of action, to the extent such exclusion and limitations are not prohibited by applicable law. The maximum liability on part of Edudevs arising under any circumstances, in respect of any Services offered on the Website, shall be limited to the refund of total amount received from the User for availing the Services less any cancellation, refund or others charges, as may be applicable. In no case the liability shall include any consequential loss, damage or additional expense whatsoever.



a) The Website may contain links to other websites (“Third Party Websites”). The Third Party Websites are not under the control of Edudevs or its Website and is not responsible for the contents of any Third Party Websites, including without limitation any link contained in Third Party Websites, or any changes or updates to the same. Edudevs shall not be responsible for any form of transmission, whatsoever, received by the User from any Third Party Websites. Edudevs may provide and/or is providing such links to the User only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Edudevs or its Website for the Third Party Websites or any association with its operators or owners including the legal heirs or assigns thereof.

b) Edudevs is not responsible for any errors, omissions or representations on any Third Party Websites. Edudevs does not endorse any advertiser on any Third Party Website in any manner, unless stated explicitly. The User is requested to verify the accuracy of all information on their own before undertaking any reliance on such information.



a) As a condition of the use of the Website, the User warrants that they will not use the Website and/or the contents thereunder for any purpose that is unlawful or illegal under any law for the time being in force within or outside India or prohibited by this Agreement and/or the Services including both specific and implied. Additionally, the Website shall not be used in any manner, which could damage, injure, embarrass, disable, overburden or impair it or interfere with any other party’s use and/or enjoyment of the Website.

b) The User shall refrain from obtaining or attempting to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available or provided for or through the Website.



Edudevs reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the access to the Website and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice.



a) Edudevs reserves the right to charge fees for its listed Services. Edudevs further reserves the right to alter any and all fees from time to time, without notice.

b) The User shall be liable to pay all applicable charges, fees, taxes, duties, levies, assessments and any other such amount applicable by law, for availing Services by Edudevs.



a) Without prejudice to the other remedies available to Edudevs under this Agreement, the Services or under applicable law, Edudevs may limit the User’s activity, or end the User’s listing, warn other users of the User’s actions, immediately temporarily/indefinitely suspend or terminate the User’s registration, and/or refuse to provide the User with access to the Website if:

  • the User is in breach of this Agreement, the Services and/or the documents it incorporates by reference;
  • Edudevs is unable to verify or authenticate any information provided by the User;
  • believes that the User’s actions may infringe on any third party rights or breach any applicable law or otherwise result in any liability for the User, other users of the Website and/or Edudevs.


b) Edudevs may at any time in its sole discretion reinstate suspended users. Once such User has been indefinitely suspended, the User may not register or attempt to register with Edudevs or use its Website in any manner whatsoever until such time that the user is reinstated by Edudevs. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the User breaches this Agreement, the Services and/or its terms or the documents it incorporates by reference, Edudevs reserves the right to recover any amounts due and owing by the User to Edudevs and/or the service provider and to take strict legal action as Edudevs deems necessary.



a) Edudevs may provide the User with content such as written material, audio, video, photographs, graphics, or other material contained in sponsor advertisements or information. This material may be protected by copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights and laws. The User may use this material only as expressly authorized by Edudevs and shall not copy, transmit, extract or create derivative works of such material without express authorization from Edudevs.

b) The User acknowledges and agrees that they shall not upload, post, reproduce or distribute any content on or through the Website that is protected by copyright and/or other proprietary right of a third party, without obtaining the permission of the owner of such right. Any copyrighted or other proprietary content distributed on or through the Website with the consent of the owner must contain the appropriate copyright or other proprietary rights notice. The unauthorized submission or distribution of copyrighted or other proprietary content is illegal and could subject the User to personal liability or criminal prosecution.



None of the provisions of this Agreement, terms and conditions, notices or the right to use the Website by the User contained herein or any other section or pages of the Website and/or the Third party Websites, shall be deemed to constitute a partnership between the User and Edudevs and no party shall have any authority to bind or shall be deemed to be the agent of the other in any way. It may be noted, however, that if by using the Website, the User authorizes Edudevs and its agents to access third party websites designated by them or on their behalf for retrieving requested information, the User shall be deemed to have appointed Edudevs and its agents as their agent for this purpose.



The headings and subheadings herein are included for convenience and identification only and are not intended to describe, interpret, define or limit the scope, extent or intent of this Agreement, the terms of services or the right to use the Website by the User contained herein or any other section or pages of the Website or any Third Party Websites in any manner whatsoever.



The terms and conditions herein shall apply equally to both the singular and plural form of the terms defined. Whenever the context may require, any pronoun shall include the corresponding masculine and feminine. The words “include”, “includes” and “including” shall be deemed to be followed by the phrase “without limitation”. Unless the context otherwise requires, the terms “herein”, “hereof”, “hereto”, “hereunder” and words of similar import refer to this Agreement as a whole.



a) The User will release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Edudevs, and any of its agents, employees, officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates and assigns from all liabilities, claims, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses, of third parties relating to or arising out of (1) this Agreement or the breach of your warranties, representations and obligations under this Agreement; (2) the Website content or its use of the Website content; (3) the Services or its use of the Services; (4) any intellectual property or other proprietary right of any person or entity; (5) User’s violation of any provision of this Agreement; or (6) any information or data supplied to Edudevs by the User.

b) When Edudevs is threatened with a suit or is sued by a third party, Edudevs may seek written assurances from the User concerning its promise to indemnify Edudevs. The User’s failure to provide such assurances may be considered to be a material breach of this Agreement by Edudevs.

c) Edudevs will have the right to participate in any defense by the User of a third-party claim related to its use of any of the Website’s content or Services, alongwith a counsel of Edudevs’ choice at its expense. Edudevs will reasonably cooperate in any defense by the User of a third-party claim at its request and expense. The User will have the absolute responsibility to defend Edudevs against any claim, but the User must have the Edudevs’ prior written consent regarding any related settlement. The terms of this provision will survive any termination or cancellation of this Agreement or the User’s use of the Website or Services.



If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, such invalidity or unenforceability shall attach only to such provision or part of such provision and the remaining part of such provision and all other provisions of this Agreement shall continue to be in full force and effect.



a) Either the User or Edudevs may terminate this Agreement and a Service with or without cause at any time to be effective immediately.

b) The User agrees that Edudevs, may under certain circumstances and without prior notice, immediately terminate the User’s user id and access to the Website and/or Services. Causes for termination may include, but shall not be limited to, breach by the User of this Agreement or the Services, requests by enforcement or government agencies, requests by the User, non-payment of fees owed by the User in connection with the Services as specified in the applicable terms of services.

c) This Agreement may be terminated by either the User or Edudevs through a written notice to the other. Edudevs shall not be liable to the User or any third party for termination of any Service. Should the User object to any terms and conditions of this Agreement, any terms of services or become dissatisfied with the Service in any way, the User’s only recourse is to immediately: (a) discontinue use of the Website/Service; and (b) notify Edudevs of such discontinuance.

d) Upon termination of the Service, User’s right to use the Website/Services and software shall immediately cease. The User shall have no right and Edudevs shall have no obligation thereafter to execute any of the User’s uncompleted tasks or forward any unread or unsent messages to the User or any third party. Once the User’s registration or the Services are terminated, cancelled or suspended, any data that the User has stored on the Website may not be retrieved later.



a) All notices and communications (including those related to changes in the TOS, Service, termination of Service etc.,) shall be in writing and in English. It shall be deemed given if delivered personally or by commercial messenger or courier service, or mailed by registered or certified mail (return receipt requested) or sent via email/facsimile (with acknowledgment of complete transmission) to the following address:
If to Edudevs, at or at the address posted on the Website.
• If to any User, at the communication and/or email address specified in the registration form.

b) Notice shall be deemed to have been served 48 hours after it has been sent, dispatched, displayed, as the case may be, unless, where notice has been sent by email, it comes to the knowledge of the sending party, that the email address is invalid.



This Agreement shall be governed by and operated in accordance with the laws of India. The courts of New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes arising out of and/or in relation to the Agreement.



Edudevs will not be deemed in default hereunder or held responsible for any cessation, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder due to earthquake, flood, fire, storm, natural disaster, Act of God, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, or boycott, or any such event out of the control of Edudevs.



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