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Outcomes of the Program ​

 Program Outcomes 


  • They will be able to reflect on themselves and make decisions to move towards becoming their Ideal Self. 
  • They will be able to express themselves emotionally.  
  • They will learn how to enhance their Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Group Discussion and Interview Skills along with learning how to use Body Language to communicate in a better way.
  • They will get the opportunity to learn the art of project conceptualisation, planning and implementation.
  • They will learn to enhance their Positive Thinking Skills (Eliminating/Replacing Negative Thinking).
  • They will learn how to develop the essential skills for optimism and resilience.
  • Throughout the program, individuals will learn how to improve their life skills and attain good value education.
  • They will learn to assess their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT Analysis).
  • This program will help individuals become aware of themselves and realise where they need to put in more effort.


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