Welcome to your Coding & Programming Contest 2

Q1. What will be the value of the following Python expression?

2. What happens when lyophilic sol is added to lyophobic sol. prevention from coagulation precipitation emulsion electrophoresis

3. If momentum [P], area [A] and time [T] are taken as fundamental quantities, then the dimensional formula for the coefficient of viscosity is

4. Following statements are given:(A) The average kinetic energy of a gas molecule decreases when the temperature is reduced. (B) The average kinetic energy of a gas molecule increases with increase in pressure at constant temperature. (C) The average kinetic energy of a gas molecule decreases with increase in volume. (D) Pressure of a gas increases with increase in temperature at constant pressure. (E) The volume of gas decreases with increase in temperature. Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

5. A metal exposed to light of wavelength 800 nm and emits photoelectrons with a certain kinetic energy. The maximum kinetic energy of photo-electron doubles when light of wavelength 500 nm is used. The work function of the metal is: (Take hc = 1230 eV-nm)

6. If length of wire increases by 0.4% keeping volume constant, find percentage change in resistance?

7. The rms value of conduction current in a parallel plate capacitor is 6.9 μA. The capacity of this capacitor, if it is connected to 230 V ac supply with an angular frequency of 600 rad/s, will be:

8. If the height of the tower used for L.D.S is increased by 21% then percentage change in range is?

9. Efficiency of a Carnot engine between steam point and ice point is:

10. Two bodies having the same linear momentum have a ratio of kinetic energy as 16:9. Find the ratio of masses of these bodies.

11.The work function for two metals are 9eV and 4.5eV. Find the approx. difference between their threshold wavelength.(use hc = 1240 eV – nm)

12. Pressure for polytropic process P varies with volume V as P = av -3 , find out the bulk modulus.

13. If the height of a tower used for LOS communication is increased by 21%. The percentage change in range is

14.The amount of heat supplied to a gas in a system is equal to 1000 J, the system in return does 200 J of work on the surrounding. Find charge in internal energy of the gas. (1) 800 J

15. Polymer which is named as Orlon is

16. Which reaction is correct with its correct enzyme used?

17. A binary compound has Y-atoms forming FCC unit cell and another type of X-atoms occupying 1/3rd of tetrahedral voids. Find out the molecular formula of the compound

18. Photochemical smog is most likely to be found in which of the following industrial areas?

19. For the given elements: Ne, F, Cl, Ar Which of the following pair of element has highest difference of electronegativity?

20. Which of the following have square pyramidal structure ?

21. Strong reducing & oxidizing agent among the following respectively.

22. Out of the following, the alkene that exhibits optical isomerism is:

23. Dipole moment is shown by:-

24. Amongst the following compounds, which one is an antacid?

25. Formation of photochemical smog involves the following reaction in which A, B and C are respectively. i. NO2 ⎯⎯hv⎯→ A+B ii. B + O2 → C iii. A + C → NO2 + O2 Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

26. Lithium aluminium hydride can be prepared from the reaction of

27. Given below are two statements : one is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R). Assertion (A) : Ketoses give Seliwonoff's test faster than Aldoses. Reason (R) : Ketoses undergo -elimination followed by formation of furfural. In the light of the above statements, choose the correct answer from the options given below :

28. In the extraction of copper, its sulphide ore is heated in a reverberatory furnace after mixing with silica to

29. To inhibit the growth of tumours, identify the compounds used from the following : (A) EDTA (B) Coordination Compounds of Pt (C) D – Penicillamine (D) Cis – Platin Choose the correct answer from the option given below :

30. Number of words with (or) without meaning using all the letters of the word ASSASSINATION such that all the vowels come together is

31. Sum of first 20 turns of the series 5, 11, 19, 29, 41, …… is

32. Mean of first 15 numbers is 12 and variance is 14. Mean of next 15 numbers is 14 and variance is a. If variance of all 30 numbers is 13, then a is equal to

33. If A is a square matrix of order 3 and |A|=5, then the value of |2A′| is

34. The number of arbitrary constants in the particular solution of a differential equation of second order is (are)

35. The length of the perpendicular drawn from the point (4,−7,3) on the y-axis is

36. The corner points of the feasible region determined by the system of linear inequalities are (0,0),(4,0),(2,4) and (0,5). If the maximum value of z=ax+by, where a,b>0 occurs at both (2,4) and (4,0), then

37. The value of x for which 2x,(x+10) and (3x+2) are the three consecutive terms of AP, is

38. If the point P(k,0) divides a line segment joining the points A(2,−2) and B(−7,4) in the ratio 1:2 then the value of k is

39. The value of p for which the points A(3,1),B(5,p) and C(7,−5) are collinear is,

40. If the point P(k,0) divides a line segment joining the points A(2,−2) and B(−7,4) in the ratio 1:2 then the value of k is