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About EKF


Laid out in 2020, EKF is an Indian improvement association, straightforwardly helping more than 15 lakh youngsters and their families consistently. We have in excess of 400 live government assistance projects on schooling, medical care, job, and ladies strengthening in more than 2,000 distant towns and metropolitan ghettos across 25 territories of India

EKF has consistently viewed its own job as that of an impetus, a method for getting under way and speeding up the course of improvement. In any case, the genuine potential for bringing genuine, durable change, lies with the common society. Not excess limited to the local area, and determined to accomplish feasible improvement in a more extensive social setting, EKF has embraced the standard of Community Driven Change, making the common society a functioning accomplice in the entirety of its government assistance drives

Our Mission

Our central goal – an open world, where all non-individual data is without open for everybody to utilize, expand on and offer; and makers and pioneers are genuinely perceived and compensated.

We live in an information society where we face two distinct fates: one which is open and one which is shut.

An open future method information is shared by all – unreservedly accessible to everybody, an existence where individuals can realize their true capacity and carry on with blissful and sound lives. A shut future is one where information is solely possessed and controlled prompting more noteworthy imbalance and a shut future.

Huge unapproachable innovation organizations have cornered the advanced age, and an impractical grouping of riches and influence has prompted hindered development and lost open doors. At the point when that happens it is customers, future pioneers and society that misses out.

We live in strong times, where the most serious peril isn’t the bedlam however to rest before. So we remember it is the ideal opportunity for new standards for this new advanced world.

With disparity rising, never before has our vision of a fair, free and open future been so essential to understand our central goal of an open world in complex times.

We need to be worldwide pioneers for the transparency of all types of information to get a fair, free and open future.

We need to make a more open reality where all non-individual data is sans open for everybody to utilize, expand on and offer; and makers and trailblazers are genuinely perceived and compensated.

We comprehend that expressions like ‘open information’ and ‘open information’ are not broadly perceived. We must change that.

The following 15 years and past are not to be dreaded. We live in whenever mechanical advances offer mind boggling open doors for every one of us.

This is a chance to be confident about the future, and to motivate the people who need to construct a superior society.

We will seek after this mission in the accompanying ways:

Individuals – Supporting individuals and associations to make a free, fair and open future

Places – Expand our worldwide venture into new geologies and businesses, specifically, wellbeing, instruction and work

Approaches – Having strategies and methods that help our vision and make us fit for reason

Organizations – Working in association with other people who can assist us with accomplishing our vision, and secure subsidizing organizations that empower us to be economical

Through this work, we need to welcome individuals on an excursion from first finding out about the ideas of transparency and open information to becoming open representatives assisting us with influencing the world. We envision this excursion as a continuum where various stages will be important and suitable for people or associations as they foster their abilities and interest in transparency.

Our Impact

The Educational Knowledge Foundation has played a pioneering and central role in creating and driving forward open knowledge and open data around the world.

Since its origin in 2004, the Open Information Establishment has been putting resources into innovation, preparing, strategy and examination to spearhead receptiveness in new regions. We play had a focal impact in making and driving forward open information and open information all over the planet.

We have broad experience and skill connected with legitimate, innovative and local area parts of open information and have given consultancy, research, local area the board and innovation answers for a great many global clients. A strong history places us at the very front in creating center information foundation devices as well as figuring out prescribed procedures of open information and building networks that utilization open information to address cultural difficulties.

What we have accomplished
We have assisted state run administrations, colleges and common society associations with reaching their true capacity by furnishing them with abilities and apparatuses to distribute, use and figure out information. We are the specialists in opening up information: we made the Open Definition in 2005, the best quality level for open information, and have conveyed innovation arrangements, improved information proficiency, gave state of the art research and activated networks to offer some benefit with accomplices across the globe.

Grounded in individuals’ educational necessities, we foster information foundation and apparatuses to make information helpful and usable, run information abilities phases of preparation and direction examination to comprehend how people in general can arrange and team up around data in new ways.

Our history incorporates the improvement of spearheading information bases for financial and clinical straightforwardness, world driving open information benchmarks, for example, the Worldwide Open Information Record, and information preparing programs with non-benefit associations like Worldwide Observer. We work with a scope of global non-legislative associations, like Straightforwardness Global, as well as legislatures all over the planet, including the Unified Realm, US, Panama, Sweden and Northern Ireland.


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