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Adolescence is also an important time in which young people begin to understand how they fit into the larger society and develop the interpersonal skills that undergird their emerging sense of civic life and community. Though a lot of sincere efforts are being invested in understanding adolescence, some significant questions about whether the education system needs to further involve in the development of socio-emotional, and civic commitments and skills that prepare youth to find a meaningful and productive role in society and in our political and economic structures. There are signs that the education sector may need to focus on a broader set of outcomes or “educational goods” than it currently does (Brighouse et al., 2018). While the academicians are focused on developing academic and 21st century skills, developmental psychologists consistently encourage the community to develop an understanding of the adolescent population in terms of socio-emotional challenges especially in the context of the pandemic. In these unprecedented times, it’s of paramount importance that we as educators also dive deep into the socio-emotional issues being faced by the adolescent learners. The workshop aims to empower the educators and guide them to develop skills for effective management of these challenges in the classroom. The workshop includes understanding of the current scenario and the challenges that impact the lives of these young learners in the COVID era. Additionally, the mentor aims to share practical strategies and pedagogical strategies if implemented in the classroom, it will enhance the rapport of the teacher and students and also, effectively enhance the quality of the teaching-learning process.


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