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While the internet is an ocean of information when it comes to the world of jobs and careers, the fine print is mostly missing. Is every lawyer a Harvey Specter and is every coder a Steve Jobs? What does it take to be a successful coder or gamer? How does the specific industry work? How do successful people stay relevant to their companies when every second a rising star is born? How about hearing it from people who are doing so right here, right now!
Every quarter we shall host a webinar with an industry expert from across different domains to give you the inside story of what it takes to work at leading MNCs. Our focus will be to shine the spotlight on individuals who are closer in age to high school students. From medicine to bureaucracy to judiciary to social media, we shall cover traditional as well new-age experts. Narratives of lived experiences and sharing of personal journeys leave a stronger impact than any manual or brochure!


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