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Our Curriculum development model uses a step-by-step process to create positive improvements in the courses offered by your school.
As the world changes each passing day, new discoveries have to be incorporated in the educational curricula. Hence, we include innovative teaching techniques and strategies such as active and blended learning that improve student class room experience.
We provide complete support for your educational endeavours and design a curriculum to bring your school’s teaching-learning process up to its maximum potential. The focus remains to be student-centric by including a wide range of hands-on learning experiences that can be incorporated in their daily lives.


National Curriculum


Pre-primary or Kindergarten is the primary experience of a child in structured settings which also include other groups of children as well as a teacher. The curriculum for these initial stages would be activity-based and child-centred. The aim is to recognise the students’ multiple intelligences and encourage out of the box thinking. A certain amount of structured time combined with plenty of free play, both indoors and outdoors, makes up a typical day in Kindergarten. The play would revolve around a series of cognitive and social activities such as dramatic play, sensorial insight, roleplay, time-based activities and exploration hour.


The primary school spans over five years - grad 1 to 5. This is the time wherein a student is well-versed with basics and is introduced to higher-level skills so as to challenge them and stimulate their interests. The focal points of these years are research analysis and synthesis. The primary school curriculum focuses on the importance of expiration of new and diverse topics while simultaneously acquiring competent language skills and a clear understanding of mathematical concepts and clarity of scientific concepts. Hands-on activities such as roleplay, drama, storytelling, art, poetry and debates and discussions are encouraged to facilitate learning.


As a student reaches middle school, they begin to develop the joy of learning, they tend to delve into concepts deeply to gain a much better understanding and develop a sense of morality and personal responsibility for their actions. The focus areas for the curriculum would be to be more learner-led. Additionally, projects and group activities are included to inculcate values of teamwork along with added challenges of academic intricacies. Approaches such as social learning, integrated and interdisciplinary learning, reflective learning and creative / out of the box thinking are incorporated at this level. Simultaneously, co-scholastic activities such as exchange programs and community service are included.


The senior school curriculum would follow the prescribed board syllabus for Grades 9th to 12th. Toi cater to the 21st Century learners, The 4 C’s are actively encouraged namely - collaboration, creative thinking, communication, and critical thinking. The school creates education programmes that would benefit the students by preparing them for the challenges of the world beyond. The schools are generally prescribed to one of the followed boards - CBSE , CISCE Our curricula will be developed by inculcating the mandates of the board, including the assessment pattern, syllabus and general teaching practices.

Montessori Curriculum

The preschool curriculum is a combination of the theory of multiple intelligences, Waldorf education and the Reggio Emilia method of Montessori education. The method views the child as naturally eager for knowledge and as an individual capable of initiating learning with the support of a supportive and thoughtful external learning environment. The curriculum focuses on the all-round development of the child. The goals are fulfilled through various interactive, play-based activities such as – role-play, arts and crafts, puppeteering, music, show and tell, instructional dance and free play among others.

  • Individual Attention to all
  • Show and Tell
  • Child-centric strategies
  • Circle time
  • Free play
  • Dance and Music
  • Creative time
  • Wonder hour
  • Value education
  • Hands-on learning
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Self Development activities
  • An integrated approach to learning


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