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Why Should You Give CUET | Importance of CUET Exam

Before delving into “Why CUET is Important?”, it is essential to understand what is CUET? The Central Universities Common Entrance Test will be a common entrance test for admissions into 45+ central universities in India, which will be conducted by the National Testing Agency.

#1 Equal Opportunity to Each Student

Every student wishes to get admission to their preferred university. However, due to the immense weightage of the 12th marks, not each student had the equality of opportunity in approaching their dream university. The 12th cut-off based exams gave all the importance to the marks scored in the 12th standard. With the coming of the CUET, now every student can have a fair chance to perform their best in this common entrance test and seek admission to the best possible university.

Some universities fear that with the coming of the common entrance exam the weightage and importance of the 12th standard will perish. However, that’s probably not the case. The CUET demands a minimum of 50% of weightage given to the CUET marks. So, universities are yet to announce the weightage they will allow for the 12th standard marks. In this way, both, the marks of the 12th standard and the equality in the entrance process will be balanced.

#2 End to Subjective Bias

When wondering “Why CUET is Important?”, one strong answer to it is the end to subjective bias. For instance, suppose a student wants admission in B.Sc Physics and she has scored well in Physics in the 12th standard but due to relatively low marks in Biology and Chemistry, she could not get admission in her desired course and the university. It shows subjective bias. But with the introduction of the CUET, a student can give an exam based on their domain subject which reduces the weightage of the other subjects of 12th standard. A student can now pursue in their field of interest with a fair opportunity.

#3 Clarity of Rank

We can clearly see in the past entrance admission procedures that students had little clarity over their ranks. For instance, DU did not reveal the ranks of students due to 12th merit-based admissions. It caused chaos among students and thus resulted in the hopping of students from one college to another. With the introduction of CUET, it is quite expected that students will no more be vague about their ranks and the colleges they will be eligible for. The CUET ranking will give the students a clear idea about their preference and thus they can focus on getting admission to the particular college without any hassle and confusion.

#4 End to cut-off Wrestling

The very popular system of cut-off of some universities will come to an end. No doubt, CUET will probably create its own dimensions of a rush but the chaos of cut-off will be over. Now, each university will be involved in one common entrance test and will take admissions based on the merit of the CUET in addition to the weightage of the 12th standard marks. Its time student’s aspiration is put to priority and ensure a fair mechanism is given to them for college admissions.

#5 Equal Opportunity to Each University

One of the most striking answers to “Why CUET is important?” is the equality served to all the central universities. So far, each university had its own set of UG admission processes which may or may not be fair to the reputation of each college. While some colleges had their cut-off system, some took admissions on the basis of entrance exams. Due to this system, some universities gained massive popularity while some were stuck in the backseat. With a common entrance test, we hope such disparities will be shortened and each university will get a fair chance of providing admission to the students.


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