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Know Before You Go 

A Crash Course Towards Achieving Success

This crash course is developed keeping in mind the key factors required for personality development of an individual. It mainly caters to the needs of the children who are 14 – 18 years old. The sessions will take you through some vital concepts and skills that play the role of tools which help the student to become confident and aware along with being prepared for all kinds of situations – the key elements of a powerful personality – leading to success.

Program Structure 


Learning Outcomes 

Self Analysis and Goals & Habit Tracker

  • Understand Yourself – Strengths and Areas of Improvement
  • Build habits towards a Successful Future

Communication Skills and Body Language 

  • Learn Confident Ways of presenting oneself in front of an Audience
  • Learn Effective Ways of Communicating and Expressing your opinions

Public Speaking and Stage Fear

  • Building Confidence
  • Enhance Self Esteem

Time and Stress Management  

  • Learn How to Appraise Stressful Situations.
  • Cultivating Eustress
  • Master Planning your day according to the Tasks
  • Develop Coping Strategies

Overcoming Unhelpful Habits and Answering Everyday Life Questions

  • Eliminate habits that act as Barriers between You and Your Success
  • Replace them with Useful Habits that facilitate you to achieve your goals
  • Overcome the feelings that are holding you back

Conflict Management

  • Learn How to Resolve Conflicts in Appropriate Ways

Becoming a Leader and a Team Player 

  • Learn How to work efficiently in Group Projects
  • Develop a Leadership Attitude and learn the required skills to Manage a Team


Speaking Unplugged and Performance

  • Understand others’ feelings and Explore new ideas for Self-Improvement
  • Performance, Farewell, Final Report and Discussion

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