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The concept of positive psychology helps us focus on human flourishing and optimal functioning along with human thoughts, feelings and behavior and encourage the individuals to work on their strengths instead of weaknesses. The idea is to build a good life instead of repairing one and make use of all your potential to make your life great.
Born Again believes that every individual should allow themselves to experience positive feelings like happiness, joy, and inspiration and build positive character strengths like gratitude, optimism, resilience and compassion that will help them develop into a successful and satisfied human being.


Mindfulness refers to being wholly present “ in “ the moment by acute awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and surroundings.
We, at Born Again, feel that every individual should learn the art of Mindfulness as it is extremely instrumental in regulating your emotions, reducing the level of stress and anxiety, improving focus on details and concentrating on factors that are important for every individual to reach their personal goals.


As a Personality Development School we are working with individuals of various age groups. Our team at Born Again feels that using the very versatile Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) in our courses is the best way of bringing change into an individual’s behavior and habits.
Personality development includes a wide range of changes in one’s life. From replacing unhelpful habits to adding new skills and behavior according to your goals, CBT helps change the attitudes and behavior by focusing on the thoughts and beliefs the individual holds and how well these thoughts and beliefs are in line with the goals they set for themselves. 


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