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Education in academic condition is the exchange of one’s knowledge to the other individual by teaching and receiving ideas in a utilitarian approach. An educator plays the role of a special ladder for the students to grow both intellectually and morally as life progresses from childhood. The foundation of each step must contain information, inspiration and instruction that an educator reveals in front of the students to recognize and potentially move forward to every second step from the existing one. An educator, hence, should have the quality to transmit their voice towards their students with rationality, kindness and honesty by their behavioral approach.

The voice of an educator must promote the growth of students’ release capacity as they develop giving them the opportunity to generate and spread their analytical abilities. This facility for students of thinking and reasoning help them in cognitive functioning by developing their mental process of acquiring knowledge through practical experiences. In this way, an educator motivates the students to be confident on themselves and thus become a self-motivating agent to the social changes.

An educator should have the ability to deliver ideas using eloquent speech so that their message is transferred to the students clearly. Spiritual perception of the ability to recognize between right and wrong must be transferred to the students promoting positivity which is another crucial factor that an educator must obtain. Integrity and positive characteristics in students must be valued with greater priority with non-compromising to the truth in every complex situation by the educator. Finally, an educator should have a universal interpretation towards the students and look beyond nation, race, religion and language by establishing and maintaining condition within the institution in order to develop the future performers with qualities that best serves the interest of the society.

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Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder, Mentor - Edudevs

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