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1. As a School leader, what is your understanding of quality education?

 Quality is a judgement of how excellent the performances of a particular person or a group of people, a man made equipment, a certain place, their concepts or creations based on set of standards.

 Quality of education provides the possibility of physical, mental, social, emotional and behavioral development in children as well as adults. It prepares to engage with society, environment or situations with self-confidence and resilience.

As a school leader, the quality of education can be described in two forms.

 1. Relative quality of education: A quality of education compare with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the comparison between a group of people with another group, between the provinces even between the countries.

 2.) Absolute quality of education:  The quality of education related with the absolute wisdom can be defined as the absolute quality of education.

Thus, the relative quality of education is pragmatic and the absolute quality of education is ethically and morally oriented.

2. What according to you are the three most important aspects of quality education?

* Physical well-being.

* Mental well-being.

* Social well-being.

3. What kind of learning environment can lead to Inclusivity and equitability of education?

The learning environment of inclusion and equitability must be supported intellectually and academically. It should be focused less on the formal instructions and focus more on the learning that is taking place. In an equitable and inclusive classroom every student should have access to learning and should be treated equally.

Teachers often nurture a relationship between students of same age with and without special educational needs.

4.What are the best practices adopted in your school to impart quality education to all the students?

        * Cooperative learning.

        * Peer instructions.                 

        * Project based learning.

        * Application of 5E teaching method.     

        * Brain storming through open ended questions.

        *Competency based learning.

        * Providing intrinsic rewards.

        * Extra curriculum activities.

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Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder, Mentor - Edudevs

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