Educator of The Month

1-As an educational leader, what has been one of the biggest challenges in your career so far?
Getting innovative teachers who can trigger thinking skills in the students.

2. As an educator you have interacted with and inspired several students. Any event that left a mark on your memory?
Yes the memory of the first student of mine who qualified for the Singapore Airlines Scholarship for Undergraduate studies at the Nanyang Technical University. This happened due to the exposure and opportunities provided by us.

3. What is your take on the present-day educational leadership?
I think the biggest task of Educational Leadership today is to train teachers and inspire them to excel. The second is to equip students with life skills not just academic prowess. My take is that both are lacking.

4. How do you view Indian education system after the implementation of New Education Policy- 2020?
Rolling out a policy is not enough. There should be periodic reviews to assess the success of the implementation.

5. Suggestions for young educators to embrace changes in educational technology?
Read a lot, observe seasoned teachers’ classes, constantly update your knowledge, keep abreast of latest trends, and be a part of professional learning networks

6. If not an educator, what would you have been?
An interior decorator or in any travel related job.

7. Please fill the following:
a. Birth date: 31.10.1959
b. Place of Birth: New Delhi
c. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
d. Your favourite book: Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss
e. First Educational Experience: It was a launching pad and taught me to be an able administrator and leader.
f. The quote you live by: Do it with Passion or not at all.

Please let us know anything in any aspect of your career that you would like us to highlight.

Teaching was not something I came into by choice. But here I am 40 years later and still raring to go each day.


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