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  1. As an educational leader, what has been one of the biggest challenges in your career so far?

The biggest challenge for the education leader today is to bring the focus of students not only in academics but make them mindful of their existence. This is generation alpha who suffer from a lot of distraction, loneliness and hence are directionless (loss of meaning and purpose of life). Majority of the parents are not able to give attention, support and guidance to their children owing to fast paced modern life.

2. As an educator you have interacted with and inspired several students. Any event that left a mark on your memory?

Besides educating students, I have also been a mentor to my students in many ways helping them fight out their own challenges. Food and nutrition is essential any student for their personal growth. I personally curated the “Feeding program” which was greatly applauded by my students.. Most of my students are doing good and many are in very high position including the parliamentarian.

3. What is your take on the present-day educational leadership?

As an educational leader a principal is supposed to lead learning in a wholistic manner for the to creae a positive school culture and a healthy learning environment.

4. How do you view Indian education system after the implementation of New Education Policy- 2020?

NEP 2020 is a very powerful and futuristic document and is so closely aligned with SDG 4. The students are given ample opportunities to study as per their choices irrespective of their stream. I haven’t gone through details study.

5. Suggestions for young educators to embrace changes in educational technology?

Technology is a boon in the present days for the students. Students should be given proper ideas and instruction to use technology judiciously.

6. If not an educator, what would you have been?

May be a vet.

  • Please fill the following:
  • Birth date:    10/09/1965
  • Place of Birth:   Trashigang Bhutan
  • Zodiac Sign:    Libra
  • Your favourite book: Think like a monk  – Jay Shetty
  • First Educational Experience:  Primary school
  • The quote you live by:   God sees the truth but wait.

Please let us know anything in any aspect of your career that you would like us to highlight.

Having worked for almost three decades as teacher and school leader in different higher secondary school in the country, I was awarded the National Order of Merit –Gold Medal and certificate by His Majesty the king of Bhutan during National day of Bhutan in 2014 along with Civil Service Award. I have also written two edition of book “ Self tutor to understanding Mathematics – class X ” for the students to use as guide during Mathematics class and practice.

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Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder, Mentor - Edudevs

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