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Currently in schools the focus is extensively on infrastructure building & maintenance, competition management, brand building, financial scale ups. The whole learning environment revolves around results building to meet the needs of examinations leaving no room for learners to express their creativity or for educators to develop different skills, as a result the learning environment is handicapped and we are trying our best as educators to scaffold it with lessons developing IQ, EQ, AQ, SQ without realizing the importance of instilling PQ. Developing PQ is only restricted to celebrating the two national days which is not enough.

Why teach patriotism

  • It creates a love for one’s own motherland
  • It makes them aware of the sacrifices made to attain freedom
  • Patriotic feeling would help them engage in the betterment of the nation
  • It would aid develop sensitive citizens with the right decision-making attitude in the interest of the country
  • It would help them choose /vote for an appropriate leader as PM
  • They would protect the country from foreign invasion
  • Unity in diversity in the true sense
  • This would reduce Brain drain
  • Creates love, affection & respect for all the countrymen to co-exist peacefully.


  • Dedicate a special corner in the library ‘Patriotic Fervor’ for learners to be exposed to literature both national & international
  • Retired army men & people from the forces should be invited regularly as guest speakers to motivate the youth and share their vision.
  • As part of interdisciplinary learning, mark a calender date to celebrate PATRIOTIC DAY where lives of global patriotic heros can be discussed, debated, showcased by the help of AV aids, creativity in the same can be harnessed by asking learners to create insta reels, shoot videos on the topic etc.
  • Experiential learning on ‘Freedom’ for the current generation to comprehend its importance in our life and for them to gain the competency to transfer this knowledge wherever necessary.
  • Teaching using case studies for learners to deep dive, inquire and conclude on the past incidences to find solutions to future problems
  • There has to be a shift from STEM Education à STEMA (incorporating Arts) à STREMAH (Incorporating Research skills & History) all-encompassing to make the learner future ready 

All school leaders need to think differently to change the outlook of the youth by changing the learning curve. One has to decide if we want to train the generation to follow the path to respect freedom or create a path for the generations to follow. Decide today to change the narration of Independent India.

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Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder, Mentor - Edudevs

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