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What is CUET – Common University Entrance Test, Latest News

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The new CUET process came as a fast-paced wave of change and improvement. Building on the vision of the New Education Policy announced back in 2020, the CUET seems to take inspiration from the SAT exam used in the US. The CUET is a standard entrance test common to 54 central universities in India. Where earlier, students had to grapple and prepare for percentages as high as 100% in their 12th Boards, the CUET is presented as a solution to the ridiculously high cut-offs set by some of the most prestigious and sought-after universities in India. The CUET levels the playing field by providing a single platform for all students to be tested and get admissions based on a standard, unique exam.

However, the question of a level playing in a different context raises many questions about whether CUET will really be equal for all. While students in private CBSE schools will probably have to study hard, the syllabus for the CUET is 12th NCERT syllabus. This can pose as a problem for state board schools that might not be teaching NCERT in their schools. Either schools will have to adopt NCERT and change their teaching style and course, or the students will have to prepare an entire year’s worth of NCERT material on their own in addition to studying in school. While a vast majority of schools do follow NCERT, so this will not be a major hitch, but it is an issue to be considered while executing the CUET.

The CUET also raises the question of the situation of the financially-constrained students attempting it. Students from rural areas have minimal knowledge of this new pattern of examination. The fact that the implementation of CUET was so rapid might work at a disadvantage for these students, who have little to no information about the precise working, subject and slot selection, and the planning of their admissions trajectory in advance. The CUET might also be an added financial burden on such students.

In an attempt to bring forth new and advanced changes to the system, we also need to bring everyone with us into the new system. While the CUET seems to be a good step in the right direction, taking care of those who might face obstacles and stumble through the process is a must.

Edudevs has been conducting free online webinars to spread awareness and information regarding CUET- its use, registration process, advice on subject and slot selection, and expert opinion on the best strategies to prepare well for the exam. Check out our Instagram and Youtube pages to find more information regarding CUET as well as the recordings of these online webinars!

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Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder, Mentor - Edudevs

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