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Western Universities Seeking Indian Students Can and Should Offer More

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Western universities eyeing Indian Students often ignore certain integral issues that will help Indian students better acclimate to their surroundings in a new country. It is essential that these universities understand the importance of these students. The millions of Indian students flocking to western universities are a huge part of boosting the host countries’ economy through tuition fees, accommodations and more.

The influx of millions of Indian students migrating globally to attend western universities have created a brand value for themselves. To be hardworking, bright and studious, which makes their presence even more valuable. These Indian students have begun to understand their value and now seek more than what is being offered by colleges today.

The new generation of Indian students are more aware of issues, from their worth in the global market as Indians to social issues like various discriminations they endure during their stay. They understand that the path that has been paved by previous Indian students who studied at these universities have made it easier. This why they know that it is their right to not only expect but rather demand certain cultural understanding and awareness of their culture from the faculty and staff at these universities.

As it is because of students like them, do these countries’ economies bolster, not only because of the money they pour into the universities but also their knowledge and work ethic that they apply to make the workplace more efficient and successful after graduating. This is why universities need to do to offer more if they wish to continue inviting Indian students. This can be remedied through proper implementation of certain cultural understanding by doing some of the following;

  • Hold cultural workshops

Holding workshops that educate the faculty, staff and the native students will be helpful in better incorporating the new incoming Indian, and other eastern students. This will not only help the students but make the university/colleges more attractive as a global institute, not only in name but in actions as well.

  • Hold cultural mixers

Holding student and faculty mixers for new students will help all students become more aware of the variety of cultures and systems around the world and help students interact and network with students and faculty. This will also give the faculty more exposure and prepare them for the next batches of students as well.

  • Provide mandatory counselling for initial months

Giving a support system to these Indian students while they navigate themselves through a new country with varied challenges will be of utmost importance to the wellbeing of these students. The counselling will help student deal with homesickness, culture shock and other psychological stressors they might face in the early months. This will result in better outcome in the students’ performance as well. Which will eventually bode well for the university itself.  

  • Conduct anti-discrimination seminars

Holding anti-discriminatory seminars for all students and faculty will create a safe space for all. Resulting in a better learning environment. When students feel accepted and not judged for being different in race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation they are bound to perform better.  

By adopting these kinds of steps western universities go from being a melting pot to a salad bowl. Where all cultures, races, ethnicities and differences are appreciated and still have their own individuality like flavours in a salad bowl. Unlike the expectation of adopting of the native culture by international students that socially pressures and white washes all the differences and makes it one, just like in a melting pot.

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Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder, Mentor - Edudevs

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