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The Voice of an Educator

What is the voice of an educator?  Is it the effect they have on their learners or the love that they receive from them when the learner is enriched with knowledge and skills in the whole process.

Being an educator means giving everything you have to your students, to provide your students with their own voices but in the process not losing your own voice and wisdom.

Each student comes up with a different mindset, different background, and a unique thought process. To merge all these creative minds together and ensure that each student thinks productively, uses the skills they are best at and ultimately bring the class together, that’s the voice of an Educator.

This voice cannot be muzzled, because it infiltrates through the minds of all the students, it screams louder when the same students produce outstanding results.

It may seem faded when the students are going through a tough time, yet always encouraging and supporting them to leap through that ring of fire like a tiger. When the whole world doesn’t believe in a child, it is the educator who instils hope and courage in his student and makes him confident enough to face the challenges ahead and come out with flying colours.

You will seldom see an educator shy, under-confident or nervous in front of his students , because they know that their voice is being heard and it has the power to inspire some child to think, create and innovate.  It may act like a beacon of knowledge for all those who hear, and it is most definitely going to change lives.

An educator’s voice gives them the courage to never back down, never give up or give in. This voice gives them the honesty to stand and defend their thoughts and ideas in front of the world.

The 21st century Educators are now skilled enough to make their voice reach out to maximum number of students, through various media platforms. An educator voice can turn any situation into a bright sunny day. They can turn a gloomy town, into one with sparks of energy, or bring up many more such voices to spread out throughout the world, growing up as activists, doctors’ engineers, lawyers and most of all civilized and empathetic human beings who will dearly hold on to their value systems.

Last but not the least the voice of an educator will always guide the students even when the teacher is not physically present nearby, his/her voice echoes in the students minds through every difficult phase of their lives and that’s the impact of a good educator.

Warsha Sawant
TGT Science
Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow


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