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The DNA Of Lesson Planning | From the Founder’s Desk, March’15

“The future of the world lies in the classroom of today.” Expecting students to remain engaged during class without being prepared is like going to a battle without a plan but expecting to win. This is where the role of a lesson plan finds its way. A lesson plan is a teacher’s roadmap to navigate effectively through the class while delivering desirable learning outcomes. Walking into the class without a concrete lesson plan is grave error and deserve utmost attention of an educator.

A teacher with the lesson plan exudes high level of confidence and enthusiasm that in turn acts as a compelling factor for students to be heedful and attentive in the class. Considering the impact an educator has on the mind of a student, an educator must be extremely mindful and well prepared with a powerful and dynamic lesson plan that not only incorporates diverse needs of the learners but also has the ability to deal with any challenge that might arise while conducting the class. With the launch of NEP, the focus has shifted from rote learning to competency and skill-based learning. Hence, the lesson plan must also be prepared accordingly with a strong focus on student competencies and engagement.

The first step to preparing such a lesson plan is to understand the diverse needs of the learner and knowledge of their learning styles. The next step is to define the learning objectives which must be age-appropriate and aligned with the learning outcomes specified by the respective boards. These objectives of the lesson plan need to be SMART where S stands for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for realistic and T for time-bound. These objectives must be clearly defined having specific goals with measurable outcomes, must not be over-ambitious and have a rational timeframe. This must be followed by incorporating differential learning strategies into the lesson plan whether in terms of cognitive learning, procedural knowledge or conceptual knowledge. The final step comprises assessment and evaluation of the lesson plan by measuring the learning outcomes actually achieved as a metric of a successful lesson plan.

A well-prepared lesson plan must go hand in hand with the right classroom management techniques to enhance the pedagogical deliverables. The balance of required level of activity coupled with challenging quizzes and tasks that pique the curiosity in students can go a long way in developing students and empowering them to think out-of-the box and work collaboratively in teams. This not only inculcates in them various life skills but also helps in making them future ready. Encouraging students to ask questions in a creative classroom interaction allows the educator to lead the learning progression of children in the most meaningful way. As an educator, one must be aware of three important aspects- learning outcomes, Multiple Intelligence theory by Howard Gardner and Bloom’s Taxonomy. These resources come handy while preparing an effective and impactful lesson plan. Last but not the least, adding a surprise element and using ICT tools while delivering online classes ensures that students are given ample opportunities to express themselves and that they do participate.

With the world undergoing major changes and the education sector becoming more and more online, it has become even more difficult to engage students. In such times, a lesson plan with a student- centred strategy turns out to be a crucial instrument for teachers to engage and empower students at the same time. Hence, taking the lesson planning activity seriously and investing time in formulating “the What, How and Why” of the lesson plan beforehand serves as a significant value addition to the way of the educator and the student.


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