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The Changing Roles of school Principal


DAV Public School, Uppal’s Southend, Sector-49, Gurugram is a leading C.B.S.E. affiliated School of the region, functioning under the aegis of DAV College Managing Committee, a 135 years young organisation. The Vedic values that our institution inculcates in our students broaden their minds and turn them into responsible citizens and resilient and virtuous human beings. In the light of NEP 2020 and after having braved the unprecedented Covid-19, the outlook and horizon of a principal’s area of work has broadened. A principal has to see to the 360-degree growth of the school, with sincere efforts to maintain outstanding results, a sustainable financial status and an excellent level of satisfaction among all the stakeholders.


The first and foremost task is to plan and implement synchronous and asynchronous teaching-learning methodology to have a better learner-teacher connect with clear goals given to the teachers such that every activity chosen is taken up with learning outcomes and the skill sets it would cater to. We need to remember to prepare our students for this VUCA world, a world that is so Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous.

Contemplating on the current scenario, one can say that every adverse circumstance around us has a positive face, which one should focus upon. For maximum benefits, students have been exposed to various online inter/intra school activities and competitions like debates, declamations, comic strip designing, storytelling, character analysis from Shakespeare, movie making and virtual trips, etc. The students have been involved in work education activities clubbed with art and craft, singing, dancing, designing, aerobics, yoga, and other leisure activities and various motivational talks for their physical, social, and mental well-being. 


“Understanding the criteria, as well as the ability to apply them, is critical to provide focused and relevant feedback and evaluation.”
As per the need of the hour, a principal has to guide her team prepare the learner to a self learning metacognition and self regulatory mode. To give the child a platform to assess self performance, regular activities are being taken up through peer-assessment sheets, google forms, Padlet, Kahoot, Socrative app, Word Wall, Quizzes, Mentimeter, Interactive White Board, Google Earth Tool, PHET, Think-link and many more in a set timetable.


For health and the harmonious blending of mind and body during this pandemic, we have taken a step forth to ensure a progressive approach. A Webinar Series comprising four sessions- Living positively: Enhancing Immunity to Live with Positivity, Yoga at Home Yoga with Family, Physical Well Being- Nurturing Immunity, and Nurturing Children with positive Parenting have been successfully organized having thousands of views and positive feedback from parents/viewers. 

The students of Grade 9 to 12 have been given continuous exposure to get the best opportunities through various career counselling webinars to enhance their ability to make informed choices.


Charles Darvin gave us the theory of evolution centuries ago, but the theory is justified even in the current scenario. He stated that humans evolve with time so that they can survive.

To keep the fire of knowledge burning at DAV, the fountain of knowledge gushes out the values of resilience, patience, and endurance and will keep inculcating the same through everyday teaching learning experiences.

The future beckons to blended learning through offline and online modes. Let us move in that direction in real professionalism.


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