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Social-Emotional Learning in a 21st Century Classroom | From the Principal’s Desk, Feb’22

Social-Emotional Learning in a 21st Century Classroom

Self-control, openness and the ability to engage with others, and the planning to persist are some important factors in the life of a person. Today just academics is not enough for children but their social skills are of utmost importance. We can teach a child to read and write but if a child doesn’t know how to behave then how we handle the child will be very important as it will mold the identity of the child.

Social-Emotional learning builds the character and identity of an individual. It is a daunting task and a big responsibility for us as adults and as a school. Every situation needs to be handled well as an opportunity, to teach the child to take it with a positive mindset or just take it to punish the child and blame the child; this image and teaching will be absorbed by the child and it will become a part of his personality.

Life is about how we connect with people. It is about self-awareness and social management. It is also about being aware and conscious about our social responsibilities and it is very important to draw the attention of children towards their civic duty right from a tender age. To teach them to care for others, share, and also to accept defeat in a graceful manner become the ethical foundations for young adults.

Between stimulus and response is the actual space that we live in and how we use that space is very vital.

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere
Trinity International School Pune


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