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Snigdha Verma | TCS Winner, March’2022

New Education Policy 2020 has included the mother tongue as a medium of instruction in schools. This does not mean that English as a language should not be given importance. It is imperative for a child to be able to read, write and speak this language as it is one of the widely used languages in the world.

A child starts speaking (average age) around 2 years, and this differs from child to child. A child picks up and is fluent in that language which is spoken at home by the family members, this holds true for any household in the country. The problem of picking up a language is more complex in an urban household where the parents speak multi-languages. The aspirations of the parents make them converse with the child in English whereas the mother tongue comes to the child naturally. Here is the dilemma for the child.

Next stage is the school, when the child starts his education, a new language is thrust upon him, to speak, read, write and above all understand. He is no longer in his comfort zone,so for him to adjust to a new environment means a lot of anxiety. He is unable to focus on the concept of what is taught and lays more emphasis on the learning of the language. There are so many countries in the world who promote the use of their mother tongue as the medium of instruction.

The NEP 2020 has taken a progressive step and further emphasized that concept-based learning is the need of the day and along with it, importance of the mother tongue will help to understand the treasures of language and culture and hence inculcate a feeling of Nationalism among our young children.


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