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Seema Sahay | From the Principal’s Desk, April’15

Notwithstanding the odds that have surfaced in the educational landscape in the last two years, every educator has had to revisit and reinvent the wheel of learning. We live in a social system which nurtures learning beyond the classrooms. Learning   goes much beyond the structured curriculum embedded in the schooling system and when the situation arose to shift to online mode of learning worldwide, teachers evolved to scale up to using apps and digital tools to enrich education even distantly on digital platforms.

Every child flower into a wholesome individual drawing the qualities of the head and heart from his family and from his/her school, growing years can be made memorable and knowledgeable when healthy learning environment and spaces are created building confidence and reassurance in each student. Technology has played an immense role in education in recent times though it has triggered a digital divide across the country as equitable distribution of technical support has been compromised due to reasons known best to all of us.

As we return now to physical mode of learning, students need to know that there is no substitute to a real school. Growing up is not just about clearing exams and cramming the syllabus but also learning to bond with our peers and sharing our successes and failures which is an organic part of growing up creating memories when we are in a real school. Physical activities, fun on the playfield and creative engagement not only gives a kick to energy but makes us mentally agile and spirited.

The zest for learning is further galvanized with peer learning which happens seamlessly in a real school. It allows students to deconstruct knowledge and learn the concept in the correct context and perspective. This learning no doubt carves a memory for life as well.

Seema Sahay
GD Goenka Public School
Sarita Vihar New Delhi

Quoting Albert Einstein, it wouldn’t be out of place to say …”I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn”


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