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Principal Desk July/August 2022

Ms. Bharti Mankani
Seth MR Jaipuria School

Man’s mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension. This is commensurable in terms of amplification of knowledge, amplification of convictions and   amplification of discernment. As the Principal of Seth MR Jaipuria School Barabanki, I was driven by the postulation of excellence and to create a ferverd schooling experience for the learners of B-town. Striking an  equilibrium for the pre-eminence as well as evolution for the students who plugged away with spoken English was an ardous journey of triumph. Today, with enormous pride the students of our school are channelizing their potential across the globe by earning a niche in every possible field. It’s always easier to ace the citified backgrounds but paramount hard work and undefiled zeal is required to elevate the graph of such students to the global level. The students are trained with an impeccable and  multilateral approach focusing on confidence building, analytical thinking through academic and Co-curricular activities.I would put an end to my inkling with the words of Socrates who says “I cannot teach anybody anything,I can only make them think…..”


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