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Multicultural  Education and  Personality Development-  by  Akanksha  Aneja.

“What  sculpture  is  to  marble, so  is  Education to the human  soul”
                     –Joseph  Addison. 

Education is the process of developing an individual’s mental and physical self, especially by means of instructions. However, education is just not limited to the amount of knowledge that is put into the mind of an individual. The requirement of today’s scenario reveals the essence of multiculturalism in education through the construction of a learning process based on the concept of cultural pluralism, contributing to the formation of a multicultural identity.
We must identify and systematize the main approaches to understand the problems of multicultural education (cultural and ethno-psychological); analyze its basic principles (humanistic, cultural conformity, multiculturalism, social and evaluative, creativity); isolated components, factors and barriers of multicultural education; defining personality, human culture and success criteria for their development in a multicultural educational space, as well as the criteria for selection of educational material, having based on the study of a high multicultural potential.
The relevance of multicultural development to the society and youth perspective is majorly important. It is a relatively new construct for children, the multicultural personality, which is conceptualized as a cluster of narrow personality traits that can be subsumed under broader models of personality. Many scholars and researchers including J. Banks, C. Grant, S. Nieto, Ch. Sleeter are working to enrich the education system here by developing the personalities, and have found that multicultural personality development is correlated with coping, adapting and thriving in increasingly culturally diverse environments.
Multiculturalism is taking the new dimensions of complexity and practicality as demographics social conditions, and circumstances change. Domestic diversity and unprecedented immigration have created a vibrant mix of cultural and ethnic linguistic and experiential plurality. Multicultural education is a relatively renewed field that has faced a constant struggle for legitimacy, which is somewhere connected to cultural transformation. The efficacy of early cultural and linguistic education lays a personification which includes components like a reflective, strategic, spiritual-moral, personality-oriented, subjective, anticipative, competitive.
These components help us allow to consider personification as a latest trend of education to development and realization of potential and capabilities of each child in finding solution to the living and professional problems.
According to A. Thomas, contemporary multicultural education is needed when an individual strives to understand peculiar systems of values, perception, cognition and thinking of people from different cultural backgrounds, integrate new experience into his/her own cultural system and apply it to alien cultural-fields. Multicultural education is still actively developing.
It is apt that we cannot ignore the role of education in personality development and also developing multicultural education. For moving ahead, multicultural education, in fact has a strong brick which makes the frame of a personality. Before I should end by putting down my pen, I would just like to put……..

Education is the light, That brightens the mind. Education is the experience, That acts as a guide.
Just as a pot shows its………Creator’s originality. So……does EDUCATION act, In the development of PERSONALITY.


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