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Ms. Shikha Banerjee | Educator of the Month, Feb’22

Q1. As an Educational Leader, what has been one of the biggest challenges in your career so far?
Ans. The greatest challenge that I have faced and am still facing as an Educational Leader, is tackling the huge and unrealistic expectations that the parents have from their wards. At times this takes away the originality of the student and also his willingness to study goes for a steady decline. I wish parents would allow the children to pursue their dreams and let them fly happily towards their dream destination. When a student studies the subjects of his choice and follows his passion, the challenges of life and further of his professional journey become more acceptable to him.

Q2. As an educator you have interacted with and inspired several students. Any event that left a mark on your memory?
Ans. Each of my students, in some way or the other, has left some or the other mark on me. I am what I am because of what my students have taught me. My students are my lifeline and my best teachers as well. Because what they taught me was with a lot of love and respect. I am fortunate if I have inspired my students but I am blessed because my students have definitely inspired me.

Q3. What is your take on the Present Day Educational Leadership ?
Ans. Today’s educational world needs leaders with the right balance of Digital Leadership and Emotional Leadership. With the ongoing digital revolution in the educational sector, deep immersion into digital inclusion and intervention is mandatory for the school leaders, teachers, students and other stakeholders. Digital Leadership has to be complemented with the humane element of grooming so that we make sure students do not lose out on socio emotional growth.

Q4. How do you view the Indian Education System after the implementation of the New Education Policy?
Ans. The New Education Policy promises to cater to a wider spectrum of the educational arena right from the preschool to the secondary level with focus on several areas that were not taken into consideration earlier. Areas of skill development, vocational skill programs, teachers’ training, foundation years education, restructuring of the professional educational courses, globalized approach to the subject selections will surely see a paradigm shift in the world of education. The five pillars of NEP will emphasize : accessibility, affordability, quality, equity and accountability.

Q5. Suggestions for the young educators to embrace changes in educational technology ?
Ans. The young educators need to understand the need of the hour. My suggestion to them would be :

· Be flexible in your approach.
Try to be the facilitator in class and a passive participant.
Adapt to the technological requirement.
Upgrade your skills
Be open to learning from students.
Participate in peer learning
Stop being a teacher. Become co-learners.
A good teacher is always a good learner first.

Q6. If not an Educator, what would you have been ?
Ans. I couldn’t have been anything else. As much as I may ponder on this question, the only answer I have is, I could have been nothing else but an educator. Being a teacher and a learner, both come naturally to me. I have the essential qualities of an educator, I am a good listener, I have an optimistic approach towards life, I communicate well and above all, empathy towards others, rules my heart, mind and soul. So, I could be an educator and nothing but an educator.

Q7. a) Date of Birth : 19th February
b) Place of Birth : Jamshedpur
c) Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
d) Favourite Book : Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
e) First Educational Experience : As a Mother Teacher in a Primary School.
f) The quote you live by :
Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Shikha Banerjee
Principal – Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Kanpur


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