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Ms. Annie Williams| From the Principal’s Desk, March’15

The new session is going to start in schools soon with a new hope and new vigour. This is the time we look back at the past two year of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has given us many lessons to learn as parents, as learners and as educators.

What we choose depends on how the positives to be taken forward and the negatives to be forgotten or unlearn. As parents we learnt to be hopeful without judging, to value our family, to be available to each other for support. We need to be physically and emotionally supportive to our children, irrespective of the money we spend on their well-being. It is not only the mother, but a responsibility of both parents to inculcate values in their children and be their first teacher.

Being educators, we have learnt to be facilitators. We learned to be connected to the child and his/her family, not for studies but to stand parallelly with the parents, to understand and guide our students, teens and young adults in learning and growing spaces. It has become all the more important for all of us to have a problem-solving approach in life. We need to stand strong together for ourselves and our future generations.

We need to focus and deliberate, what actually is important for the journey of life.

For our teens the board exams are around the corner, which brings us all to yet another small step towards the life goals. Academics does matter so does the wellbeing. The mind, the body and the soul, all in synchronicity is the new goal, which we should constantly try to achieve.

Wish all a very joyful, happy and blessed Holi.

Annie Williams
Principal Modern school
Greater Noida (UP)


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