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Moving From Parent-Teacher Mistrust to Synergy | From the Founder’s Desk, Feb’22

Engaging parents with the classroom journey of their students not only boosts the confidence of the child but it also fosters positive relationships. Understand the benefits of developing a Parent-Teacher Synergy in the Founder's Desk Segment of EdLines Today, February Edition.

Parents are truly an integral component of a child’s education. We have heard this so many times, but I wonder do we ever try to open the doors of our classrooms to them and let them in.

Both teachers and parents are important to the child’s education, but most often both are seen on the opposite sides of the table and what we often see is Parent-Teacher Mistrust which hampers the progress of the child. Teachers often fear and hate the Parent Teacher Meetings as they feel they would be held responsible by the parents for the child’s slow performance. On the other hand, parents come to these meetings with an aggressive attitude to question the teacher for the child’s lack of performance. This breeds mistrust and, in turn, children suffer or often take advantage of the situation.

We all know children come from different social emotional backgrounds and not always from a two parent household. Hence, they should not be treated in the same way. With this in mind it is critical that teachers need to understand a child’s family situation and partner with the parents.

As educators it becomes essential for us to satiate parents by incorporating their perspective and engaging them in the education of their children. Some parents tend to get anxious as they get a circular or a notification about their child’s behavior or performance or maybe even about homework or a project. It is natural. And hence it is important to integrate the parent community in the teaching learning process. This may sound over ambitious but if we are able to do this then this would enhance the learning outcomes of your students leading to fruitful parent teacher meetings and you will not be battling parent teacher mistrust.

By engaging with parents you not only boost the confidence of the child you also foster positive relationships. Invite parents to regular class days to simply observe their children learn. Take regular feedbacks from parents on how they think their child is progressing. It is suggestive to think of a variety of ways to collaborate with parents and even let them be part of your regular classes. You may even offer them to conduct a class on your behalf on a day when you are absent. This will help them understand the herculean task that you daily undertake. Seeing a child in presence of his or her parents will also give you an insight into their relation and definitely better the relationship between the child and a parent.

Your homework
Think of 5 ways in which you can involve the parents meaningfully in your classrooms ?
Think of 5 ways you would communicate innovatively with the parents of your students ?

Stay tuned for my next master Class and next homework.


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