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Mohan Singh | Educator of the Month, April’15

  1. As an educational leader, what has been one of the biggest challenges in your career so far?
    Ans: A student is not supposed to be  a born scholar, he/she requires someone who can stand along to guide and motivate him/her to achieve his/her goal .This is what I strived in my whole teaching life. I always keep myself as a shadow to my students to promote their potentials, hidden talent and  motivate them his/her goal . My biggest challenge was to build a team of educators who can give strong support to students, as a result my school is imparting education to more than 3400 students.

2. As an educator you have interacted with and inspired several students. Any event that left a mark on your memory?
Ans – There is no doubt that I have interaction with a lot of students and inspired them for betterment. But there are some students who always mark an imprint on the heart,brain and the memory of the teacher. I remember one of my visit to Canada as a Principal delegate. My students who are in Canada for higher education arranged my whole stay and spent time with me by sparing time from their busy schedule which shows a high level of respect towards the educators in this modern era otherwise when you find an average child becoming a good professional, it always gives a deep level of satisfaction

3. What is your take on the present-day educational leadership?
Ans. It is well said that don’t hire the people, just earn the people. I think better communication with the stakeholders is the key factor while building the basic structure of the educational set up.  Educational leader should collaborate with educators and provide a better platform to provide guidance and curriculum direction. Present day leadership faces the challenges which are new emerging due to pandemic or other reasons so a lot of innovations are required.  

.4. How do you view Indian education system after the implementation of New Education Policy- 2020?
Ans: Structure of education policy is very good, there is no doubt. But it will be successful only when it will be implemented in a positive and effective way. The most important thing is that the vocational courses will be available from 6th class but to enforce this program,schools and government must provide the exact portfolio and the platform where the students can learn vocational courses properly. It must not be a formality for the documentation purpose. Practical knowledge must be practical not theoretical. Teaching will be in the mother tongue of the students upto 5th class is again very important feature. Then again, 6th onwards, there will be a language barrier in learning due to globalisation of English language. In India,assessment is paper based or written. So, the students who have good practical knowledge in their mother tongue will not be able to write the things on paper in any foreign language and therefore they will not be assessed in an indiscriminatory and impartial way. All in all, proper implementation is mandatory to make this policy successful.

5. Suggestions for young educators to embrace changes in educational technology?
Change is the law of nature for the development or progress. The whole world experienced lot of changes in the last two years due to covid which impacted the students, so the responsibility of young leader is more critical. An educator must possess new innovative ideas to connect with the young learners .He/She must be familiar with well refined and modern or latest technology. A teacher should update himself/herself time to time according to the technology and according to the demand of the students. Modern technology is much better to make the students understand the concepts effectively rather than the old methods and tools.

6.If not an educator, what would you have been?
Ans. It is well said that education is the strongest weapon that can change the world and it is not confined to the schools only. I find myself a lucky human being to serve my country as an educator. If I had not been an educator, I surely would have been a counselor who would have told the people about the moral values, good health, sound brain, meditation, yoga, spiritualism and so many other noble virtues that are the integral part the humanity and development of the mankind. Many times I think that we are keeping ourselves in illusion that we are progressing. If we use our Chemistry, Physics and Biology knowledge to make the bombs and bio weapons to kill the innocent people of the world, there is no use of these subjects in the world. Therefore moral education is more important than any subject knowledge or any vocational education.          

Principal, JPS Academy Assandh ( Senior Secondary School Affiliated to CBSE), Facebook Page – JPS ASSANDH,     YOUTUBE : JPS ACADEMY ASSANDH-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES

  1. Birthdate:                                       22/07/1971
  2. Place of Birth:                                 Yamuna Nagar
  3. Zodiac Sign:                                   Cancer
  4. Your favorite book :                  Earning Transformed by Eric C Sheninger
  5. First Educational Experience:     26 Years
  6. The quote you live by:                Love the life you live, live the life you love

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