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Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan | Educator of the Month, January’22

Here's an exclusive interview with Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan, Director Principal on his journey as an educationist. Read more for his exceptional idealogies and revolutionary philosophies.

1. As an educational leader, what has been one of the biggest challenges in your career so far? 
There are various challenges in the life of an educator, but the greatest challenge was witnessed during the pandemic, in a way none of us ever thought of or dreamt of. But the Lucknow Public Collegiate survived because of the cooperation of parents. I am blessed to be surrounded by parents who cooperate in every way. May the Almighty provide us the strength to face the many unknown challenges that await us.

2. You have been a pioneer in the education sector for almost four decades now. How has your journey been so far?
My journey with Lucknow Public Collegiate began in 1986. It was established as the first day boarding school in Uttar Pradesh. I began as a journalist at a pioneer newspaper, but my destiny led me to be an educationist. Of course, I had the drive and the passion to achieve the goal. I remember that when I started school, there would be days when I wouldn’t come out of the room because I was so engrossed in my work. It’s only the hard work and the cooperation of the people around me that has brought me where I am today.

3. Greatest accomplishment
My greatest accomplishment is to be able to work with a beautiful community of people. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such lovely people who are passionate and driven. That has been the major contribution to making the Lucknow Public Collegiate a welcoming institution for all.

4. A piece of advice for students:
I am proud of my students, of the courage they have shown in the past years by facing the roadblocks. Let us hope that our children will be well prepared to face the challenges of the world as well. I especially wish the outgoing students good luck and I know they will be very successful in life because they have become more sturdy through these challenges.

5. Your greatest strength
My honesty and discipline – that I have followed from childhood. I have always believed that if one is true to the work assigned to them, only then one can do justice wherever they are assigned.

4. A quote you resonate with:
There are some lines in Hindi I really admire and believe in:

Akele hum toh boond, mil gaye toh saagar. Akele hum toh pathar, mil gaye toh imaarat. Akele hum toh kaagaz, mil gaye toh kitaab. Akele hum toh alfaaz, aur mil gaye toh jawaab. Akele hum toh dhaaga, aur mil gaye toh chaadar. Akele hum toh dua, aur mil gaye toh ibaadat.

Education is ibadat for me.

Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan
Joint Director & Principal
The Lucknow Public Collegiate


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