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2020 was an eventful year. The planetary movements were happening fast and making unprecedented changes in the horoscope of the world. We were hit by the century’s most devastating calamity – Coronavirus Pandemic and sooner than later we all realised that it was there to stay, for how long, nobody had an answer to. But times of crisis are also times of innovation and development. And, during this time, homo sapiens started exhibiting two traits that are unique to the species – resilience and grit. It is rightly said that when the going gets tough the tough get going. The world now started talking about the new normal where the virtual world was going to reign supreme.
The destiny of Edudevs – School of Inspired Teaching & Learning was to take shape too. My nascent organization which was fledgeling and trying to spread its wings too was hit as the schools shut down. The education industry was clamouring for change and undergoing a metamorphosis ever since the dawn of this century which witnessed revolutionary changes and established newer skills to survive like creativity, problem-solving and most important to be resilient.
At the same time, the idea of having an e-newsletter – Ed-Lines Today was being conceived as my brainchild. Initially, my young and dynamic brigade of interns felt, “Ma’am not another one of the same which showcases the same names, ads and the brands and cater to a niche and already established community.” One of my interns, Rachita suggested to me, “Why can’t we have an e-newsletter for educators who want to make a difference but are unable to showcase in these elite magazines because probably they are eternally in the queue and can never surpass the creamy layer ahead them,“ I wasn’t surprised. She has a masters in psychology  and although she had nothing to do with ‘education’ as an industry she understood human desires and needs very well and hence was born Ed-Lines Today, an e-newsletter that reflects the hopes, struggles and journey of each educator. I knew an e-newsletter would fall short to accommodate the bunch of experience the educators had, but we were certain to get this started.
To start an organization amidst a high point of pandemic and survive the onslaught is a story in itself. With no external financial support and determination to grow organically, the only thing I had was a passionate and dedicated team that aligned to the vision, believed in me, and was set on the journey. For me, this fueled me enough. From a team of 2, Edudevs has grown in about two years and has a dedicated team of a dozen and a dream to make a difference in the field of education and empower each stakeholder in it to its fullest potential. The last two years’ story has been one of hope, challenges, despair and finally a few victories but what kept the team going was the faith in oneself and the undying desire to bring change. I had read somewhere that most success stories are guided by strong core values that prevail amongst the team members rather than the external opportunities. We had resilience, which is your ability to recover quickly from difficulties. It enabled us to find our way through a tough time. Working tirelessly from home and creating content and products that were innovative, to reach a multitude of people had now become a daily routine. Exploring new horizons became an integral function of our team and step by step, we moved forward and never said no to a challenge. Instead it pushed us further to face it head-on!
What runs common through each member of the Edudevs family are certain traits – integrity, priority and responsibility which has brought the company to where it is today. These are the three principles on which hinges the company’s philosophy and its work culture. They are not taught but are imbibed automatically in the new member when they walk into the office where even the walls reflect these values and see this ethos as a part of the work culture.
Edudevs which started off as an organization with a vision to empower the educators is now expanded and has grown as a one-stop-shop for all the academic solutions to a school. Today, Edudevs has many vertices – it is into strategic collaborations with organizations involved in catering to the student needs. Our expert team assesses the quality of the product and we totally assure that we curate a tailor-made road map of engagement and handhold them into schools.
Each member of our team puts immense effort every month to release an edition that resonates with educators everywhere. The passion which swept across the entire team has been felt by each member – from content to operations to design , to create and execute the vision of Edudevs and parallelly Ed-Lines, has been overwhelming. And this is just the beginning.

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Devyani Kapoor

Devyani Kapoor

Founder, Mentor - Edudevs

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