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Hybrid Learning: The Way Forward | Voice of the Educator, Nov’21

With the rise of education technology, schools have adopted teaching methods that diverge from the typical classroom environment. The latest of which is Hybrid learning, which is an approach to education that combines online education materials with traditional in-person classroom methods. It’s not fully virtual nor is it fully digital. It requires the physical presence of both the teacher and the student while providing students with some control over time and space. However, hybrid learning is more than just tossing half of your syllabus into a virtual classroom, it also does imply in-person lectures followed by hours of digital homework. It is a comprehensive approach that reimagines how we know learning today. Hybrid learning and blended learning can often be mistaken for one another but while both consist of many similar instructional elements, they are two distinct learning models and should not be confused for the other. Blended learning combines in-person teaching with asynchronous learning methods, where students work on online exercises and watch videos during their own time. Whereas Hybrid learning is a teaching method where teachers instruct in-person and remote students at the same time. In hybrid models, asynchronous elements only supplement synchronous, face-to-face instruction. Both traditional and online learning models have their weaknesses, hybrid learning combines the two to form a unique education model with virtually no weak spots. It also allows for a flexible learning experience for both the educator and the recipient, ensuring that resources are being used in the most efficient way. The face-to-face aspect of hybrid learning provides the opportunity for real-time engagement among peers.

To create a successful hybrid learning model, set your semester goals and map them out in detail, determine which parts are best taught in person and which are most effective online, and lastly create the required study material.

 Hybrid learning is the future of imparting quality education.



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