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Great Leaders Are Good Sculptors | From the Principal’s Desk, Nov’21

Education is one of the absolute priorities of any nation as it helps to build opportunities for the youth and inspires them to stand up to the challenges of the modern world. The educational phase during the pandemic had an educational transition with an enlightened approach to work together.

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.”

Chisel your thoughts, use the best opportunities as stones to construct the sculpture of your choice. You are the sculptor yourself. Let others emulate you as a trailblazer.

We, the school leaders, who are at the helm of all affairs, have turned all challenges into opportunities to seek excellence and hold the hands of our team and stakeholders to continue effective learning along with catering to the emotional wellbeing of one and all. We have to deal effectively with this seasoned knowledge exchange to transform it into an impactful innovation drive. These learning experiences coupled with the implementation of the NEP will enable the teachers and students to learn actively to encourage a collaborative and inclusive learning environment in schools. Principals take organizations to higher levels of performance. The hallmarks of such effective leadership are credibility,

managing conflict, problem-solving, leading as a role model, being a keen listener and sharing the spotlight.
Knowing the latest trends, policies regarding academics for the holistic development of children are the need of the hour. The NEP and CBSE frameworks have defined clear-cut goals and related training, updating, and implementation strategies. All school leaders have to pass the litmus test to emerge successfully and bring quality change. With years of experience and curated orientation programs, it is hoped that we all will be able to implement these new policies in letter and in spirit.



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