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Escalating the Scope of Knowledge

In a classroom of students still building their verbal and writing skills, every child portrays a different ability, something inbuilt which is a result of their environment, disposition, upbringing, and education. As these children grow into the role of a student, they are exposed to a myriad of opportunities and skills, which they pick and choose from, trying to find a perfect fit. The process of growth continues further, inculcating skills of collaboration, sparking a will to excel, and inspiring ideas of success.

For those who discover themselves captivated with the charms of technology, analytical skills, argumentation, design and critical thinking, and the foundational urge to look for and construct solutions, the field of STEM provides the perfect platform of practical and theoretical knowledge to pursue some of the most sought-after careers in the 21st century. STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, broadly covers some of the most coveted subjects necessary for building on the knowledge of humankind through research and problem-solving.

Yet, the concept of STEAM has also begun gaining appreciation and traction. STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, is not necessarily an upgrade from STEM, but it is a more inclusive field for those who have the capability of fusing art into the dynamic skill of problem-solving. STEAM is, for example, a field for students who aspire to be engineers but also designers, coders but within designing, technology-driven but to create art. STEAM has emanated the rise of several new age careers including web designing, 3-D modelling, animations, product and graphic design, and even art conservation.

STEAM has proven to be a doorway to a whole new arena of opportunities for students to explore their interests and build on a fusion of the best brain-development adroitness. STEAM establishes competency in spatial awareness and hones prowess in observation of the world, reality, imagination, and the people and surroundings of the pursuer. This field is also like a breath of fresh air, it removes from the mind the idea of innovative inhibition, i.e., the mentality that innovation needs to follow certain boundaries and processes. But art is not confined to boundaries, and thus gives scope for new ideas and research. STEAM is more process focused, it drives innovation and cultivates sustainable thinking.

While both STEM and STEAM are desired fields with massive scope for advancement and contribution to the society, STEAM is a relatively newer concept, although it is one that would soon be taken up by universities and educational institutions across the world. With the extensive purview provided by STEAM, it is bound to change the face of the upcoming world, its expectations, and its advancement.


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