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Educators: The SideLined Stakeholders in Education? | Rendezvous, Feb’22

1. What is the importance of educators as a unit within a school?
When the educators work as a unit, they not only follow the set curriculum as planned but also live the vision of the school. The students become the centre of attention and the educators with all their knowledge, experience and expertise are engaged in providing holistic development to the students, leaving their personal differences, inhibitions and perspectives behind.

2. What is an important quality teachers must endorse for their students?
Patience is an important quality that teachers must endorse for their students. The teachers must be patient to listen to what the students have to say, handle difficult students,  revisit the topics already taught to solve the doubts of the students and  wait for the result of his/her hard work.

3. Which crucial change needs to be implemented to practically empower our educators?
To practically empower the educators, they should be given time to time training in pedagogy, teaching practices, technology and curriculum for their professional development.

4. Does the NEP 2020 bring about positive changes in the education system according to you?
Yes, the NEP 2020 brings about positive changes in the education system as it emphasises the importance of developing concepts, skills and attitude as per a student’s likings and aptitude.

5. How has the classroom evolved post technology integration?
The classroom has evolved as both the teacher and the taught have access  to up-to-date, primary supply material, there is no constraint of time or place and there are more opportunities for expressing and understanding through multimedia system.

6. What is that one piece of advice you would like to give to the teachers for enhanced classroom engagement?
The teachers should integrate innovative activities that are both interesting and engaging for the students. The activities and the questions put to students should be challenging enough to trigger their thought process and motivate them to showcase their skills.


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