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Educators: | Rendezvous , July/August’22

Ms. Firdous Siddiqui

Rasphil Academy, Lucknow

1. Why is competency-based education important for today’s students?
CBE is a massive reformation from traditional time based learning to learning based learning. It Is a skill based approach that shatters the assumption that learning is time bound approach and can happen only in classroom.

Rather it’s a research based learning and personalized learning. It helps the students to develop a mastery over a topic and develop creative and divergent thinking.

2. What role does the teacher play in a personalized, competency-based classroom?
In personalized cbe classrooms teachers provide scaffolding to students and work with them through their different weaknesses and help them work on their strengths, each student is moved forward towards mastery on a unique (but equally effective) path.

3. How would the schools adapt to integrate CBE into daily classroom transactions?
Firstly the teacher must be aware about the strength and weaknesses of children. On the basis of those strength and weakness provide customised and personalized instructions so that the students can master over the topic.

4. How are the learning outcomes of CBE and traditional education system are different?
The traditional system of teaching is focused on imparting knowledge and information through set methods. Whereas in CBE the thrust is on involvement of students to explore the information. There is relaxation for students to do the learning at their own pace.

5. What are the best practices adopted in your school to empower the students with 21st century skills?
We’re still in the very initial phase of implementing cbe, although different programmes as per the child’s interest have been started in our school along with the regular classes for their holistic development.


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