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Dr. (Mrs.) G Kumar | Educator of the Month, December’21

  1. The best thing about being an educator:

I believe that an educator must believe in their students’ potential. A teacher’s success begins with the success of their students. Being an educator, I am always ready to learn. I am consistent and decisive and creative &like to think outside the box.  

1 .Your first day as a principal:                                                           

Before aprincipal, I am a teacher and this zeal always helps me understand the mindset of my team to lead more efficiently and effectively. The first day of my principalship showed me the galaxy of opportunities for the development of the school education environment and students’ futuristic academic approach by inculcating an inclusive educational approach.

2. Your greatest strength:

My utmost strength is my family, because they support me all the way to achieve the highest qualifications to serve humanity by contributing in the field of education.

3. Your take on the present-day educational leadership: 

On the basis of my vast experience in academics, I feel that every day comes with new hope, new opportunities for everybody. Beingeducators, it is our utmost responsibility to spread all the skills we posses amongst all the team members and motivate them to add one new value every week for their self-development and share the same for the upliftment of their students, subordinates etc.

4. One effective teaching-learning methodology that you think today’s educators must apply: 

Exploring the bond of relationships between concept and content and to bridge the gap of listening and understanding is the most effective mode of teaching-learning.

5. Your idea of education in the post pandemic era: 

The post pandemic era is the new normal and we humans are blessed to have adjusted and developed as per the new environment. I must say we worked smartly during the pandemic to safeguard the students’ interests and academicsand are now in the process of implementation of programmes we prepared. Offline education is always more effective than online so the batch size can be changed, the timings may be change and contents are also required to be more concise.


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