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Boosting Knowledge with Blending Learning | TCS Winner, Nov’21


Blended learning is an outcome process of digital learning and virtual classrooms. It basically indicates the growing accessibility of eLearning and online resources. A blended learning approach ensures that the learner is engaged and utilizing time in a selflearning experience. This approach unlike traditional classroom teaching provides the individual with different style and methods to grab the knowledge

“No two students are same, neither their learning process”

All students learn differently irrespective of age and teaching methods should be designed with teaching programs that reaches visual, auditory, and kinetic learners alike. BLENDED LEARNING: BOOSTING KNOWLEDGE A most crucial benefit of blended learning is that it provides scope for self-pacing among slow and fast learners. Students can now evaluate their own growth and keep a track of their progress. This helps to develop a ‘self-driving force’ among students and the ability for better decision making. With integration of technologies, we’ll be able to enhance teaching, student engagement and learning. Most important aspect is the flexibility with which students can learn. Student can access material anywhere and at any time. Availability of emails, discussion boards and chat room offers effective interaction between mentor and students. Blended learning has become a blessing for students in lot many ways. The use of eLearning materials develops students’ ability to set their own goals and take charge of learning; making them more responsible and providing student autonomy. This learning process provides students with more resources and learning becomes easier with various activities and different learning trends.


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