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Blended Learning in Hybrid Classrooms | Rendezvous, Nov’21

1. Blended learning combines traditional classrooms and online interaction. Is this the way forward in the new normal post pandemic?

Well, for sure this is one of the ways we look forward to deliver learning post-pandemic in the new normal. Engagement is a priority in classrooms. Students are facing challenges due to the lack of comfort they had become accustomed to during online learning. Online is not just the preface to learning any more. Physical learning is a priority and has to be, hence the one in practice. As a head of a school, the practice for experiential learning is the ultimate option to deliver learning to the students.

 2. What challenges will be experienced by the students when they return after such a long break?

We at Kunwar’s Global School, Lucknow have already opened a school for over 30 days now, and the challenges we are facing include unpreparedness among students, their lazy attitudes, and lack of real-time interactions. They were used to pdfs and videos on the move and the physical pen and paper format is a little challenging for them to incorporate and return to.

3. How do educators upskill and reskill for such a transformation?

Educators need to showcase street-smartness to attribute to the notion as required. They practice privileged options on the move with the inception of starting from the basics. This is a challenge but gathers interest in a big way. I have directed our teachers to keep their options open for sharing knowledge and wisdom. Introduce games, practice mind maps and reflect on interactions.

4. How can classrooms achieve learning outcomes in the blended system?

Classrooms can only achieve this landmark with the inception of engagement and involvement of students in real-time. Online interaction must be limited and should remain an option and never a priority. 5. Do you think blended learning will foster creativity and independent study habits? Blended learning shall foster creativity and independent study habits with reflections from the learners and a connection with the teachers in a wider conception. Its delivery has to be initiated at the age when students are young and innocent. 6. How will blended learning impact traditional school schedules and culture? The blended learning format shall be a challenge for schools to incorporate, but in the long run, it shall deliver a “wow” approach through academic excellence with the freedom of learning it reflects in particular. School managements need to prioritize the possibility of blended learning.


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