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Big Leauge Kunwar’s Global School July/August 2022

Kunwar’s Global School has rapidly progressed and is growing from strength to strength. Our students triumphantly march ahead, meeting every challenge head-on. They have the determination to light a lamp than curse the darkness. The students have attained accomplishments in academics, sports, art and culture and carved a niche for themselves.

Our ultimate goal is academic excellence, and we at Kunwar’s Global School always emphasise learning differences rather than difficulties. Our relatively minor numbers allow us to provide individual attention to students within the limitations of a demanding curriculum. Our teachers take complete responsibility that the learning is reflected in achievements and growth. It focuses on learning for every student.

Kunwar’s Global School gives great importance to music. Students are also interested in learning music, singing and playing musical instruments. Various musical instruments are taught at school, like keyboard, drum, guitar, Harmonium, recorder/ flute etc.

The students are given proper training in Indian Classical Singing and English Singing. Pre Primary children also play musical instruments and participate in group singing.

Sports have had their flavour over the years at KGS; through sports, we try to develop mental growth and increase students’ reasoning power. Being actively involved in sports can help students relax from their daily routine of learning syllabus and reduces exam stress. One must balance work and play to keep the body and soul in sync.

The pre-primary activities at KGS include Poos Side Parties, Hurdle Race, Green Day Celebrations, Pyjama Party, Dance Shows, Movie Time, Mango Party, Tug of War, and Learning Music.


Principal’s Note

The education system has harnessed changes through the inception of the National Education Policy with loads of updates and innovative measures. We at Kunwar’s Global School, Lucknow, reflect and practice the spectrum as guided by the policy and the framework. Learning today is clubbed through the blended learning approach and flipped learning as a priority teaching and learning modules. We believe in excellence through working the Talk, not just walking the talk and talking the talk.

The campus at Kunwar’s Global School, Lucknow, is open for all who believe in learning to learn as a hobby rather than an occasional occurrence. Here we encourage children to find their unique talents. We think that we have a responsibility to equip our pupils to build a better world where our children should learn and grow in a community that places great value on individuality through creativity and innovation. Success at KGS is not simply based on academic excellence alone; we cater to encapsulating social and emotional intelligence among our students with values of universal brotherhood, harmony, and togetherness.

Our vision includes the promotion of harmony, the spirit of unity and brotherhood amongst global citizens, transcending religious, linguistic, and regional diversities to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity that leads to even higher levels of achievements. For sure, our creative and stimulating curriculum goes well beyond the standard requirements. It is designed to ensure that children move on to Senior School with a depth and breadth of knowledge through experiential learning.
I welcome your kids to the cloud of learning with open hands.
With Cheers and fellowship!


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