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Aligning the Stakeholders of Education | Rendezvous, EdLines Today Dec’21

  1. Who according to you are the major stakeholders of the education community?

Mainly, there are four stakeholders of the education community:
⦁ Parents
⦁ School / Teacher
⦁ Child
⦁ Govt. / Govt. policies

  1. Which stakeholders need more attention and reach to inculcate effective education?

All the four stakeholders mentioned above play equally important roles in inculcating effective education.

  1. How can we increase the interaction-implementation balance and harmonize between all the stakeholders?

Through good government policies based on an academic curriculum monitored by the parents and adopted by the child.

  1. Should parents/guardians be a more inclusive part of their child’s education? Why?

Yes, because they are a major stakeholder and any compromise on the quality of education being imparted is going to affect their children, who are the most precious to them.

  1. What are your views on distance learning? Is it progressive or regressive for students?

Early or middle level education may not be effectively imparted through distance learning. But higher education may give good results provided the students are devoted to their studies and concerned about their learning.

  1. What is a student’s role in the education community apart from simply studying?

    A student can play a participative role in building a good education system. He/she can give proper feedback to enhance the curriculum structure. Students can also share their education with others to bring in underprivileged students.

    Thank you,
    Wing Commander Mansoor Sidddiqui
    Director Delhi Public Global School Moradabad


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