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A Voyage Towards Accomplishments | Voice of the Educator, Feb’22

A Voyage Towards Accomplishments!
“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.”

Always treat obstacles as opportunities to achieve greater heights in life. Be the brand & paint the canvas of the world with your splendid skills in a mesmerizing way. Inquisitive, tech-savvy and energetic, the future of this great nation will be driven by our children. Being an educationalist, I think 21st century learning is the constellation of learner characteristics which equips students to enjoy a high quality of life, work and relationships. The students should be resilient, intentional, creative and confident learners who understand the value of collaboration, the relationship of effort to results and the need to continually grow and learn.

An elephant and a fish can’t be assessed in the same way. So, skills vary! Implementing skills in academics and assessing every student for the skills they possess irrespective of subject divisions will bring about a sea change. Let’s provide the ample of opportunities for our building blocks as per their level & interest. As educators, we can attest to the fact that every child is an individual and possesses unique qualities.

Every child has different needs that must be met. Students are impacted by a teacher who embraces their individuality and helps them to be confident in their own abilities. We must act as a bridge between their thoughts & dreams. Help children to recover from interruptions and learning losses experienced through the pandemic in the last two years. Let’s take them towards the ride of accomplishments.

We believe in the narrative ‘Each Child is Special’. Their uniqueness lies, as much as in their skills and talents, as in their questions, imaginations and sense of wonder. Some children may be good in sports, some in arts, some in science or some in business. Some are orators, others dreamers, some loud and expressive, some shy and conservative. But each child has something special to offer to this world.

Don’t compare them with others as there has never been any comparison between the Sun and Moon. They shine during their time. A child is kind of a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly but others need help, but every flight makes them foremost effective. No two persons will have an identical talent. From birth, they are having completely different learning vogue and pace, not exclusively capable of learning but collectively capable of succeeding. The duty of an educator is to persuade and encourage them.

A teacher who has studied early childhood development recognises the existence and importance of diversity among young students. Students are influenced by a teacher who embraces their individuality and helps them to be confident in their own abilities. When children are constantly told what they cannot do, they quickly become convinced that those beliefs are a reality. If children are not held to high standards of conduct, they are not likely to set high standards for themselves. A distinguished and compassionate teacher serves as a role model and an advocate for every child he or she encounters. Heightening confidence can change a child’s mindset from “I know I will not succeed” to “I can succeed”. It is believed this positive mentality increases the potential for young students to succeed.

Parents can contribute by creating an encouraging environment for the growth and development of the child.
Thanks & Regards Divya Dabas
Literati Educationalist


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